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Just as you would call an English landline.

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Q: How to call from Australian landline to England mobile phone?
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What will happen if mobile phone is not there?

Use a landline

How do you dial a telephone call from the UK to Australia?

On a mobile phone, +61, followed by the Australian number, omitting the trunk prefix 0. On a landline phone, 00 61, followed by the Australian number, omitting the trunk prefix 0.

How do you call an Australian mobile in Honolulu?

To call an Australian mobile phone, you dial the Australian mobile number. It does not matter if the mobile phone is physically in Australia, Honolulu, or anywhere else.

How do you dial an Australian mobile phone in England from Australia?

Dial the normal Australian number. The network takes care of it - you aren't expected to know where the phone is before you dial it!

How do you call a New Zealand Mobile Number from an Australian Landline Phone?

+64 for country and drop the zeros from the beginning of the number if there are any (027 and 07 for example)

Find the Cheapest Phone Service?

form_title=Find the Cheapest Phone Service form_header=Search for the basic, no-frills plan that fits your needs. What services are you looking for on the phone?=_ Are you looking for a landline or mobile phone?= () Landline () Mobile () Yes () No

How do you dial America from Pakistan?

On a mobile phone, +1. On a landline phone, 00 1.

How do you dial Canada from France?

On a mobile phone, +1. On a landline phone, 00 1.

How do you call an English mobile phone in France from an English landline?

From an English landline (or mobile), just dial exactly as usual to reach an English mobile phone, even if it is abroad. Do not try to enter any international code.

How do you call an English mobile in Australia from an Australian landline?

Where the UK mobile number is 07xxx xxxxxx dial 00 44 7xxx xxxxxx. It doesn't matter which country the other phone is being used in.

How do you dial an American mobile from an Australian mobile?

To dial any US telephone number, mobile or landline, from any mobile phone, just prefix the ten-digit US number with telephone country code +1, including the plus symbol.

Is it free to call a mobile phone with a house phone?

No - calls to mobile phones form a landline are charged at premium rates. The actual cost-per-minute will have been set by your landline provider.

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