How to change a secondary hard drive to a primary hard drive?

First partition, don't change anything about the jumpers. If your hard drive is set to master, it will stay master on that partition so it will only make the hard drive as you wish, ''" master or slave ''" ..

Second.. Load the cable at the end of the cable will make master. Here's the deal how to 1 on your motherboard beside the ribbon from your hard drive the plastic cap with some pin in it it 1 say primary beside and 1 say secondary.

Simply open your computer change the hard drive cable from the 1 hard drive to the other 1 hard drive.

1- The easiest way here is to open your case change your ribbon (40 pin) from one hard drive and change it to the other hard drive jumper configuration might be required simple manual easy to configure its a little pin on the back of the hard drive between the power connector and the ribbon tha plastic removable cap

2- If you have 2 hard drive on the same ribbon, those 2 hard drive will be set on the same thing so as primary u will have to get another ribbon plug into your computer board and put one hard drive to that new ribbon and it will make it secondary so the ribbon you have is your primary.

3- I hope you get it about the ribbon. One ribbon is your primary and the other is your secondary dont mess up. There is normally 2 plugs on 1 ribbon. Don't mistake by saying 1 plug is primary and the other is secondary. It's just a master and a slave that's it if you change plug from one hard drive to the other there you can talk jumper but you might need in order to work in your bios to change the startup hard drive on windows and also get to configure jumpers.