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You can purchase a switch box that allows you to switch control.

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What are ten computer hardware?

monitors . keyboards . mouse . printers . projectors . webcams . earphones . microphones . speakers . moden

Were the mouse and the keyboard invented before the monitor?

No. Computers had monitors long before the mouse was invented. However, keyboards and monitors showed up about the same time, but some computers (especially main frame computers) had monitors without keyboards.

Which computer keyboards have an integrated mouse?

The GrandTec MediKeys MED-1000 has an intergrated mouse.

What is wrong if your monitor reads no signal and keyboard and mouse do not light up all accessories work fine on other computer?

Monitors, Keyboards, and mice all need a signal from the computer to work properly. Have you have the computer checked by a Certified Technician lately

Is a computer mouse a software?

I computer mouse is considered hardware. It falls under the same category as external hard drives, keyboards, printers, and other peripherals.

What is meant by computer peripherals?

Printers, scanners, external drives, mouse, trackballs, keyboards, etc.

What are the examples of an output devices?

Output devices is things you can see/hear, like Printers, Monitors and loudspeakers. (Final product of computer) Input devices is things to control the computer with, like keyboard and mouse.

What are mouse used for in a computer?

to control the operations in the computer.

Why do i have power but no screen and no keyboards or mouse?

Um... did you buy a "Keyboards?"

Define computer mouse?

A computer mouse is a device that is used to control the computer functions for scrolling, selecting, and de-selecting. The mouse is usually externally attached to the computer.

Where is a virus found?

everywhere. On Door handles, phones, computer keyboards, computer mouse, flat surfaces and places where other people touch.

Why does a computer need hardware?

Hardware is the core of the computer system .all the inputs will be given with the usage of hardware device such as keyboards,mouse etc,

Difference between input devices and output devices?

Input device are any hardware that input information to your computer like keyboards, mouse and web cam. Output devices are any hardware that display output information like monitors, projectors and speaker.

What are good adjectives to describe a mouse?

a mouse is a control that helps you work your computer

What is the importance of clicking the mouse of a computer?

You need a mouse to control your computer. You can also use the keyboard only but it takes longer. Your computer needs a mouse. And it makes your life better with it.

It is impossible to use a computer without a mouse. Is this statement true or false?

false, because keyboards have "hot keys" which allow them to perform similar functions as a mouse

What is the parts of a computer that you can touch?

you can touch the keyboards and mouse the power box and the speakers the one thing you should not touch is the screen

What is the difference between output and input devices?

Input devices gives input information in any form to your computer by converting it to machine language. for example: keyboards, mouse, web cam etc. Output devices displays the output information provided by the computer after all processes.for example: monitors, plotters, speaker etc.

All Internal and External parts of a computer with uses?

Motherboard Ram CPU Power Supply Fan Transistors Hard disk Disk Drives Graphic Card Network Card Sound Card Cmos Battery External monitors,keyboards,mouse,speakers,printers

Purpose of a computer mouse?

Input. The mouse allows control of the cursor in the classic personal computer gui (graphical user interface.)

Can your computer mouse be used as a remote control?

No it definitely cannot

Can a wireless mouse be used on ordinary keyboards?

A wireless mouse requires (typically) a USB port for the receiver. As long as your computer has an open USB port and the drivers to support the device, it doesn't matter what type of keyboard is attached to your computer.

What are output and input devices?

An input device is a device that can be used to insert data into a computer or other computational device. Examples of these are: keyboards, a mouse, cameras (webcam, digital cameras), microphones, scanners, joysticks, disk drives, heat and light sensors, and touchscreens.An output device is a piece of hardware equipment connected to a computer and used to transfer data out of the computer in the form of text, images, etc. Examples of these are monitors, compact discs, printers, speakers and headphones.Input and output devices are essential components of computer systems. An input device allows a person to enter information into the computer. Examples include keyboards and scanners. Output devices give information back to the user. Examples include printers and monitors.Input Devices...Key BoardMouseScannerWebcamOutput Devices...MonitorPrinterSpeaker

What are the computer mouse operations?

The Mouse operation(function) is to help us control the computer better and make it easy for us to access computer programs, documents, etc.

How do you set mouse setting?

Computer/Control panel and in vista there is an icon for mouse, click there to adjust settings. Or if you have a different op, control panel, device manager, look for your mouse in list.