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How to get my resident shield back active?

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To reset resident shield: Re-install latest version of AVG. Choose the option to repair, this will replace lost or damaged files. When done, load latest anti-virus database.All should then be OK!... Jon. Or you could follow the instructions on the link below in Related links and restart Resident Shield without having to un-install.

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How do you activate resident shield in avg version 8.0?

The AVG Resident Shield normally happens right after installation, or after a program update. The resolution to fix and re-enable the Resident Shield to Active status is simple though. To resolve the issue, just to go Tools -> Advanced settings, and then click on Resident Shield in the tree menu. By default, the check box for Enable Resident Shield is ticked (enabled as active). Uncheck and unselect the Enable Resident Shield option, click Apply to temporarily unactivate the Resident Shield, and then tick the Enable Resident Shield check box again to enable it. Click Apply to make change effective, and the Resident Shield should work properly.

How do you temporarily disable AVG 8.5?

* Open the AVG user interface * Double click on the 'Resident Shield' component * Uncheck 'Resident Shield Active' This will now disable AVG scanning files as they are opened, copied or saved * Remember to re-check the 'Resident Shield Active' once you have finished. atx

Is AVG resident shield a firewall?

No. The resident shield works in the background scanning everything you work on. Avg has a separate firewall that you have to buy.

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depends what kind of antivirus you use

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IYOGI is a scam

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Why does AVG say 'resident shield driver not found'?,169476,backpage=,sv=

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