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How to hot wire ignition of 1991 Mazda protege?


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Can someone please tell me how to hot wire the ignition of a 1991 Mazda Protege?

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need to know what wire go were for a 94 Mazda protege MAF sensor

Spark plug wire layout is also known as firing order. The correct firing order for the 2000 Mazda Protege 1.8L is 1-3-4-2 with a counterclockwise distributor rotation.

Chiltons Mazda trucks manual has the picture and explanation.

under you'r driver seat there is a wire harness with two little wires mine did this to see if the wire is split if so splice and re conect it also check in the shifter

I suspect your hold switch on the shift lever might be bad..or ahs a broken wire.

Open hood and disconnect the wire from the horn itself located under right front fender.

what is your ?, a MAF is basicly a IAT The Mazda Protege and Protege 5 2.0L engine has an IAT Sensor located just past the factory air filter box. It is a two wire sensor that plugs into the intake tube via a rubber grommet. The three wire plug in the Mass Air Flow Sensor. DO NOT Unplug either of these sensors while the vehicle is running or key turned to accessory. Will cause a flag in the computer and turn on the Check Engine Light. Hope this helps.

To check the hold light blinking of a Mazda Protege, take off the plastic over the shifter tube or bar. Then take off the console below it and look at the wires that come up from the hollow center of the tube. The edge of the shifter tube may have cut through the wire insulation.

Go here bud, I neede to know this too so I googled it. found the pinout at to be extremely helpful.The wire coloring (wiring diagram) for my 1997 Mazda Protege LX was as follows:Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Blue/RedCar Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Pink/BlackCar Radio Ground Wire: Black/YellowLeft Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue/OrangeLeft Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Violet/WhiteRight Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/RedRight Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Yellow/RedLeft Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): OrangeLeft Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): YellowRight Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Green/BlackRight Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Green/Orange

I would check the ignition coil , and ignition module(which is only replaced with the whole distributor assembly).You can also check the ohms in the crank sensor(the wire is found over by the timing belt cover)and the crank sensor gap(which is at the crankshaft )very seldom a ecm go's bad.Sometimes a simple doing plugs and wires will become the fix.

Order a stereo from Crutchfield. That is what I did. You tell them you have a Mazda Protege 1998 and they send all the harnesses and DIN tools you need. All you need is a flathead screwdriver, soldering iron and some solder, electrical tape, wire strippers. I had a little trouble figuring out where to ground my Kenwood stereo, but I figured out you can hook it up to the Protege's black and yellow wire that used to plug into the back of the factory stereo.

purple is the trigger wire for the starter. Yellow is the ignition wire.

In a 2002 Mazda Protege, the radio battery constant 12v+ wire is blue/red, the radio accessory switched 12v+ wire is blue/black, the radio ground wire is black/yellow, and the illumination wire is red/black. For the front door 6 1/2 inch speakers, the left front speaker wire (+) is violet, the left front speaker wire (-) is blue/orange, the right front speaker wire (+) is yellow/blue, and the front right speaker wire (-) is violet/white. For the rear deck 6 inch by 9 inch speakers, the left rear speaker wire (+) is yellow, the left rear speaker wire (-) is orange, the right rear speaker wire (+) is green/orange, and the right rear speaker wire (-) is green/black.

The 1991 Blazer has a current draw causing the wire to burn. You will need to trace the wiring out to find what is drawing too much current.

The ignition wire that run to the cap is red. The one that to the key ignition is blue.

To wire an ignition barrel in the Citroen Saxo, begin by disconnecting the wire at the negative terminal of the battery. A lead wire has to go to the ACC terminal on the ignition barrel. The starter relay wire goes to the ST terminal and the ignition wire is connected to the IGN terminal.

what about the ignition switch wiring

There are two holes on either side of your radio.. if you dont have the tool to remove it, try bending a wire coathanger in a U shape and pry away. good luck

Check your ground wire from your neg battery to the pass side tranee. check for a breaks in wire. same for positive wire to starter and ignition. use a multi-meter.

it is usually located on a metal bracket,close to the has a 3 wire plug attached to it.

The ignition wire in a Nissan 350z is black and red. The starter wire is white/red and the second starter wire is white/green.

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