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look for an id tag on the axle. if it doesn't have one take the cover off the differential and count the teath on the ring and pinion gears(big circle and small gear biting into it) then use simple division ex. 16 on the pinion and 44 on the ring equals 4.11

NEW ANSWER; He's right about counting teeth on gears, But you need to divide

the # of teeth on pinion gear into the # of teeth on ring gear, and round off #

That will be your gear ratio for sure.

A ring gear of 40 and a pinion gear of 13 is a 3.08 (40/13=3.0769...)

You can waste your time taking the dif cover off or you can do it the old fashion way. The easy way to figure it out is to jack the vehicle up off the ground put the trany in neutral and rotate the tire one full revolution and while doing so count how many revolutions the drive shaft turns. For example if you have a 4.11 rear gear ratio the drive shaft will spin 4.11 times for every single tire rotation.

It is a good idea to mark the back side of the tire where it is closest to the ground with some masking tape. That way you can see when you have made one full revolution as well as putting a mark on the drive shaft and axle housing. Not only is this easier it is alot cheaper than buying new diff lube and a gasket for the axle housing.

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Q: How to id rear end gear ratio in 88 Chevy pickup?
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How do you id rear end gear ratio in 80 Chevy pickup?

You can refer to your user manual to ID the rear end gear ration in 80 Chevy pickup.

Will rear end from 1999 Chevy pickup fit a 1996 Chevy pickup?

It depends on the gear ratio of the rear ends. You can find this out in the glove compartment of your truck. It should tell you there. Hope this helps you out.

What is the gear ratio of Chevy gu6 rear end?


What is the gear ratio for the rear axle of a 2003 Chevy S10?


What is the rear gear ratio in a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne?

The rear gear ratio of a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne truck is between 2.73 and 4.56. This is the number of times the drive shaft rotates in relation to the tires.

How can i improve a 1988 Chevy pickup gas mileage?

Keep it tuned, add an aftermarket air filter such as K&N, change the rear diff gear ratio,

What is the stock gear ratio for a 1995 Chevy Blazer?

The stock gear ratio for a 1995 Chevy Blazer is 3.73. This provides a good balance of fuel economy and power to the rear wheels.

Standard gear in the rear end for 1981 Chevy c10 inline 6?

4:11 gear ratio

What size rear end in 2009 Chevy truck?

If your asking about the gear ratio, Then write the VIN # down and call a Chevy dealer and ask for parts. Then ask the parts man if he'll tell you the gear ratio and that you have the VIN# on you truck. He'll tell you what the gear ratio is from the factory.

How do you id rear end gear ratio in 1993 Chevy pickup?

Need to remove the rear end plate. Then count the teeth that is on the ring gear ( big gear ) and write it down. Now look up inside of the housing and you will see another smaller gear that runs in the big gear, That will be the pinion gear, count those teeth now. Now take this # and devide it into the first # you wrote down and this will be the gear ratio. You will have to jack it up and take it out of gear, so you can turn the gears to be able to count them.

Stock gear ratio in a 2003 Chevy silverado 1500 rear end?

i believe it would be 3.11

What is the front diff gear ratio on a 1999 Chevy blazer s10 4.3 LITER?

Same as the rear.

What rear end gear ratio is recommended with Chevy 350 vortec 350 turbo 1962 c 10 pickup?

If it has stock-type tires, a 3.08 should work good for economy, and a 3.50 for power.

Gear ratio 1988 Chevy k 1500?

Is a rear end in a 88 4x4 Chevy truck the same as the front in gears of a 93 Chevy 4x4

What is the Stock rear end gear ratio in 1998 Chevy silverado Z71?

the rear end is prob 3:42 limited slip rear end

What19 92 Chevy 1500 rear end gear ratio?

They used a few of them. Open the cover, count the teeth on the big gear ( the ring gear ) next count the teeth on the small gear ( the pinion gear). Divide the big gear by the little gear and that is your ratio.

What gear ratio is a 1989 Chevrolet half ton rear end?

I have 89 Chevy extended cab pickup 350ci 700r trans i would like to know the rearend gear ratio and if 89 3/4 ton rear would help tow 6500# camper have replaced leafs with 3/4 springs seems original rear geared to high trans gets hot

What are common rear end gear ratios for 1987 Chevy suburban with 350?

most common ratio is 373

What is the differential gear ratio on a 1990 goldwing?

2.833 is the rear-end gear ratio

What is the rear end ratio on 80 olds cutlass Calais with 260 v8?

The rear end gear ratio on a 1980 Oldsmobile is 3.73, in the overdrive gear. The low gear ratio is 1.43.

What is the rear end gear ratio of a 1972 Chevy Cheyenne truck?

It could be any gear ratio. what you need to do is remove the rear end plate and count the teeth on the ring gear, then count the teath on the pinion gear. and divide the pinion teeth # into the ring gear teeth # and that will tell you for sure just round the # off you come up with.

What is the rear end gear ratio in a 91 Chevy?

They are all different. try looking in the glove box it might say in there.

How do you tell rear end ratio on 1978 Chevy truck?

To know for sure, You need to remove the big metal plate on the rear end housing and count the # of teeth on the BIG round gear / Ring gear. Then count the teeth on the small round gear / pinion gear that sets deep in the housing and runs on the big gear. Then divide the small # into the high # and that will be you gear ratio.

What is the gear ratio in the front Axel of a 2003 Chevy trail blazer?

You'd have to look at the RPO code in the glove compartment to determine this, as there were a couple different options. The gear ratio for the front and rear axle will match.

Stock gear ratio in 1997 Chevy 1500 rear end?

You have a RPO code in your glove box. I have a 1997 Z71 and my rpo is GX4 and the rear ratio is 3.73 You can use your vin number abd call Chevy or a axle place like Jaspers