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a man does not ejaculate to satisfy a woman. Ideally "IF" you were able to control yourself that much then you should wait until the woman has climaxed, because once you ejaculate you will lose your erection, and to satisfy her you would have use other means to "satisfy" her (manual stimulation)

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Q: How to identify that woman is ejaculating during sex?
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Can a woman feel a man's penis throbbing and semen ejaculating inside of her vagina during sex?

yes it is possible, ;]

Is it possible to urinate while ejaculating during sex for a female?

no it is imposible

How do you stop from ejaculating early during sex?

ma ka boor

What are the main things to do to get woman pregnant?

The main things are:practicing intercourse sexselecting the woman fertility periodejaculating inside the vagina

Where is the peinis during sex?

It is in the woman.

Can a man have the feeling of ejaculating premature sperm but no pre-sperm comes out during sex?

yes this is very normal its called climaxing

Why do people get a sex change?

People will get a sex change if they identify with the opposite sex. Say they think of themself as a man where they were born a woman. They will get a sex change to finalize the action.

Do spanking exit a woman during sex?

Depends on the woman. Ask first.

What is the sensation a pregnant woman get during sex?

A pregnant woman may or may not find sex enjoyable, due to her hormone changes.

What to do with your hands during sex?

It depends if you are a man or woman, and which position you are in.

What should be the position of a woman during sex to become pregnant?

ANY sex position will get her pregnant!

Can a woman crave a penis during her pregnancy?

There are times during the pregnancy when a woman wants sex more than usual, yes.

When girls get wet is it the same as when boys nut?

A woman gets wet when they are excited and turned on. It makes for easier sex as the penis can slide in more easy. When a man "nuts" as you say, he is actually ejaculating. Ejaculation and a woman being ready are completely different. But both men and women can have orgasms. Women can also "Squirt" or "gush" During an orgasm.

During menstruation sex is possible or not?

Sex is possible, but it can be unpleasant, depending on the circumstances. Sex when the woman is at the height of her flow is generally not recommended.

How do woman get thrush is it a STD?

No it's not an STD but It can be passed on during Sex.

If a man died during sex what would the woman say?

Get off me

When does woman get pregnant?

During sex with a man or through artificial impregnation.

What causes dryness in the vagina during sex?

Lack of lubrication in the vagina during sex can be a sign that the woman is not aroused enough to have penetrative sex yet. Further foreplay is required before the woman is ready to have intercourse. Stress can also cause a delay in vaginal lubrication.

How do you satisfy a woman completely during sex?

This will vary for each woman. The best way to find out is to ask the woman what she likes and what you can do to make her happy.

Can your gf get pregnant if you had unprotected sex with her for few seconds without ejaculating inside?

In some cases. Not always.

Does the penis spasm when ejaculating?

It's true that when you ejaculate the penis goes spasm and stop sex automatically.

Is penis very important for woman in sex?

In some cases yes, however, it is not necessary for there to be a penis present during sex.

When a woman is fertile and she engaged sex during the first day of her ovulation does she remains fertile after having sex on that day?


How can you make your woman to enjoy sex very well?

Tease her. Not only in forplay, but during sex as well. This will help her orgasim.

Do men get the feeling to cry after or during sex like woman do?

no,men do not get any such feeling. neither before nor after sex.

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