How to install a rifle scope?

Here's the basics on mounting the scope on a rifle. ( Assuming you have a scope mount on the rifle.)

1. Place the bottom half of the scope rings on the rifle first (Without the scope attached.)

2. Place the scope on the bottom half of the rings and adjust the scope mounts to comfortably fit your eye. When adjusted, tighten down the bottom half of scope rings to the rifle mount. ( The scope should have one cross hair adjustment at the top and one on the right.)

3. Place the scope in the rings and then put the top half of the rings on. Tighten them down, but not VICE tight, just loose. You still want to move the scope some.

4. Look through the scope and align the cross hairs level with the rifle barrel. The Vertical line should be straight up and down at a right angle with the barrel.

5. when you have the scope adjusted to your eye and the barrel of the rifle, tighten the top scope rings in a crisscross pattern a little at a time. Don't vice one down then go to the next one. Do it a few turns on each one until they are tight.

A final note. If you have a small screw hole and screw at the back end of the scope mount (on the rifle) you may want to place the rear scope ring against that screw. This is a scope stop. This will keep the scope from moving back from the recoil. Some scope mounts have a long pad at the rear of the scope mount that acts the same way. It's usually necessary on high powered rifles not 22's.