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i have a 2007 liberty sport4X4 (it should be the same. you might have an ash tray in which you have to pull out first.) and there is a compartment down beside the lighter and in the back of that hole there is one Phillips screw that you need to remove. After removing the screww you can just grab the whole plastic piece and it should snap out, it also contains the A/C components and it just popped off. Then there are (4) Phillips screws holding the radio in the dash. That's it. One of the simplest dashes to take the radio out of.

this is for a different installation but it has pictures of the dash

I have a 2005 liberty. It's super easy. My FM just stopped working. It's strange. My CD player works, and my AM works. But FM doesn't play? It shows the song, the station... time. etc. But it just stopped working? DUMB!!! Anyways, one screw down by the lighter.. Then the whole front panel pops off. Then 4 screws around the radio. Phillips screws.. Then it comes right out. It's nice and easy.

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Q: How to install radio in Jeep Liberty 2005?
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