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How to learn the constellations?


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What I have done to learn about constellations are as followed:

1.Answer the following questions:

A.Knowledge-Name 5 constellations and what they mean.

B.Comprehension-What are constellations? Who first connected the stars to make pictures? Tell this is 100-150 words.

C.Application-Tell how Andromeda and Cepheus are related. Draw a map of the constellations that includes Andromeda, Cephues, Casseopia, and others surrounding them.

D.Analysis-Put the constellations in labeled catagories.

E.Synthesis-Make a new constellation. Give it a name, meaning, and story.

F.Evaluation-Which constellations is your favorite? Why?

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Some of the best-known constellations include Taurus, Andromeda, Orion, Cassiopeia, Hercules and Pegasus. See the related link to learn more about the constellations.

Her mom influenced her by telling her about the constellations. She was so fascinated by the constellations stories she wanted to learn more about them.

There are no constellations in the solar system. They can only be seen from Earth and from the other planets in the Solar System. They can help us learn about the rest of space and the Solar System itself. We can also study stars in the constellations and help us learn about our own star, the Sun.

These are the ZODIACAL CONSTELLATIONS - the constellations of the zodiac.

There are no constellations in the Earth. They are in space. There are 88 official constellations.

88 modern constellations - a list of the current constellations. Former constellations - a list of former constellations. Chinese constellations List of Nakshatras - sectors along the moon's ecliptic Asterism (astronomy)

constellations are group of stars

Circumpolar stars/constellations are stars/constellations that always stay in the sky; they never rise or set.

No one exactly knows what are constellations for.

The correct spelling is 'constellations'.

The Constellations was created in 2008.

Constellations are patterns of stars, so stars cannot be constellations.

Most of the myths can be found in Greek mythology. This gives the star constellations an interesting name and a good story to remember. Not all of the constellations will have a myth or story behind them but most do. You will want to look at the different ones that you find online and see which ones have stories and which don't. Just remember that constellations are not real but are instead used as a way to tell the stars in the night sky apart. So don't take the stories too seriously because they are just an easy way to remember the different star constellations. So have fun with this and learn what you can about each of the constellations now.

most of the constellations were named after mythologies.

he discovered constellations in the 1900

Their are 88 constellations in the sky.

There is no such thing as "types of constellations".

No there are no circumpolar constellations on the equator.

All of the constellations of the zodiac.

These are called circumpolar constellations.

There are 88 constellations to be known by scientists.

The circumpolar constellations

There is a total of 88 constellations, not 12. There are 88 constellations total today but, there are only 27 major constellations and 12 zodiacal constellation signs total.

What do you mean "the" 12? There are not 12 constellations, there are a total of 88 constellations. Perhaps you are confusing with the signs of the zodiac.

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