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with an exhaust system and air filter it would be very faster.i am looking for exhaust here in Greece but i can't find i keep waiting..

- main jet : improve to 110, pilot 25(STANDARD is very lean to meet Euro3)

- remove the upper door of the airbox(it´s noisy ,you can perform several big holes+tube otherwise)

- change the exhaust : (many Chinese ones may fit : they are cheap+noisy)

-change the CAM : too mild( lt230 has more lift) has the best(130€)

-bore to 61mm+piston ór

-bore to 70mm(change sleeve+piston : 800€

-STROKER : improve the stroke : BoreXstroke=C.C (see AKUNAR:COM)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:41:28
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Q: How to make a suzuki DR 125 SM faster?
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