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Go to the ny dmv website. It will tell you what their requirements are.

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Q: How to obtain a New york state motor vehicle dealer's license?
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Where do you get a wholesale car dealers license in Texas?

Wholesale car dealers license in Texas are issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, motor vehicle division. Dealers must also register with the Texas Department of Transportation for a GDN or general distinguishing number.

Can you ride a dirt bike without a license in nc?

In order to drive any motor vehicle a person must obtain a state issued drivers license. Without a license a person should not drive a motor vehicle.

How do you get car dealers license in new jersey?

The Motor Vehicle Commission Business Licensing Services Bureau Dealer Licensing Unit gives the car dealers licenses in New Jersey. The car dealers have to fulfill all the conditions stipulated for them to be offered with a dealers license.

Is it legal to drive to short distance places without a license?

No, In order to drive a Motor Vehicle you must obtain a legal document or license stating your eligible to do so.

Do you need a motorcycles dealers license to sell Motorcycles in Alabama?

Alabama does not require a motor vehicle dealer license to sell motorcycles. They are classed with bicycles and only a business license and sales tax ID are required. DanV

Alberta car dealer license?

how do acquire a used vehicle dealer`s licence go to Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council is responsible for governing and overseeing both licensing of motor dealers/wholesalers and Sales personnel for the automotive business

How obtain a dealer license?

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state.

How do you obtain a second hand car dealers license in nsw?

Visit the NSW Fair Trading website at and select 'Motor Dealers' under 'Common Licences'.

Can license be issued at 16 if no graduation diploma?

If you mean a license to drive a motor vehicle, there is no connection to having a high school diploma. To obtain a drivers' license, you must pass tests provided by your State's Motor Vehicle Department. The age at which you are eligible is dependent on the State in which you live. Go to the web site for the DMV in your State and look up what the regulations and requirements are.

What class license must a driver hold in order to operate a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 5500 lbs?

What class license must a driver hold in order to operate a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 5,500 lbs

If your motor vehicle license has expired can you still make an insurance claim?


How do you get your provisional license?

check with your local motor vehicle department for a website

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