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hi while parking near the petrol bunk the ignition was not switched off vendor pulled the petrol cap but it is locked now how to fill the petrol now please explain

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โˆ™ 2012-05-07 16:57:28
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Q: How to open petrol cap Ford Fiesta mark 5?
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You can not open the passenger side door from outside on a Ford Fiesta?

this happened on my 1997 fiesta, i took it to the garage and had to pay

How do you open the fuel door on a new Ford Fiesta?

There a button on the dash! You push it and it pops open!

How do you open the boot on a 58 Ford Fiesta when its jammed shut?

a crowbar will do it or a stillsaw

Where do you find a handle to open the bonnet in 1994 Ford Fiesta?

Below the steering wheel.

Why won't my key open the door of ford fiesta?

if it is the type with buttons on the key/the battterys need replaced.

How do you open bonnet of 1999 Ford Fiesta?

the bonnet lever is under the steering wheel it should have a red handle

Why does ford fiesta diesel 1994 keep running after you have switched it off?

soleniod in pump is sticking open ,replace soleniod

Where is the VIN in a Ford Focus 1999?

I do know in my car - ford fiesta. It is under the car mat on drivers side. And there was a little rectangular thing that you can open, and it is in there. Hope this helps.

Does fiesta mart open for Christmas?


What oil for 2013 1.6 liter fiesta petrol?

You have an owners manual. Open it and look in the maintenance section. There you will find the correct weight oil to use in your Fiesta. It may even be listed on the oil fill cap. Any major brand will work well as long as it is the correct weight.

How do you replace a rear lens cover on a Mark 4 Ford Fiesta?

to replacing a m4 fiesta lens covif you open the boot and look on the side that is relevant to the question, pull back the material by undoing the yellow hand screw, you will then see 3 long bolts with nuts on them, undo the nuts and wobble the screws outwards which in turn will push the lens cover out!

Where is the fuse box on a Ford Fiesta zetec 1.4 04 numberplate?

Open the glove box and look behind the glove box on the inside. it's there.

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