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There are several lotions and creams on the market, such Palmer's and Strivectin, Cocoa Butter or Emu Oil. You need several natural oils, butters, scar-healing ingredients, and essential oils to attack these marks. Creams, oils, and butters contain skin-firming, collagen rebuilding, and elasticity strengthening essential oils, vitamins, and proteins will fade your current stretch marks into oblivion and prevent any future stretch marks from forming. Plus, these creams have an added bonus, they tighten cellulite and tone the skin. These creams and oils penetrate below your outer dermis and infuse areas where stretch marks are directly forming. Check the ingredients and products out for yourself. Even do research on ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and stretch mark reducing essential oils.

As with all things, the best products are often the hardest to find, Hopefully, I saved you from wasting a lot of time and money on those nasty stretch marks products. And remember, to prevent stretch marks on your booty, breast, or stomach, you need to keep your skin infused with rich nutrients, vitamins, and moisture. Do not forget to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

== == * You can lessen the appearance of stretch marks by staying hydrated and with the use of a good cream like Palmer's cocoa butter formula, or any other that is for stretch marks, a very good thing is to use Vaseline as well. * use Palmers cocoa butter everyday it might take time but they will disappear in a few months. and it also depends on the severity of the stretch marks then you might want to ask your doctor about some type of medicated lotion for the stretch marks. * You can remove stretch marks at home by purchasing cocoa butter creams or cocoa butter formulas from a pharmacy near you. == == * I believe the only way to get rid of stretch marks is surgery. Talk to a doctor and possibly a dermatologist. * I used 'Stretta' from Zenmed when I had stretch marks across my belly post pregnancy and it worked great to get rid of them in a months time and left my skin well toned as normal as it was before pregnancy. So, this is something you can use for not hiding but removing stretch marks completely. * Olive oil and Vitamin E oil, put on after you shower before your skin dries.

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Mederma buy online which is best cream to remove and get rid of stretch marks. Mederma is best stretch mark removal treatment or it will help to reduce and hide the appearance of stretch marks within 6 months. It will remove the new stretch mark within 3 months and old stretch mark within 6 months.

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Q: How to remove and get rid of stretch marks with treatment or reduce and hide the appearance of stretch marks?
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How do you remove stretch marks natrually?

There is no totally effective way to remove stretch marks. Using natural moisturizing creams will help only a little. Currently, the most effective way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is by getting laser treatments.

How can stretch mark go away?

Stretch marks cannot 'go away'. Once stretch marks form, they are there for good, unfortunately. You may be able to reduce their appearance with some form of treatment, but you will not be able to remove them. Stretch marks can go away if you use Vitamin B and E cocoa butter. My sister had stretch marks when she was pregnant. All she had to use was Johnson Johnson baby lotion cocoa butter, worked like a charm.

Can the tanda zap remove blackheads?

The blue light does reduce the appearance but not remove them.

How do you remove henna marks in a day completely?

bio oil or surgery ANSWER: There are a lot of natural and surgical methods to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but unfortunately, removing it "completely" is not possible. For natural...

What are some of the best ways I can remove stretch marks myself at home?

Shea butter, baby oil or any scar cream can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Applying several times daily for several weeks may make it dispear altogether.

How can I remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very common for women to develop while they are pregnant. Using cocoa butter on the stretch marks twice daily will help the appearance of them.

Can stretch mark cream really remove stretch marks?

Revamin Stretch Mark is an advanced cream that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The cosmetic contains extracts, vitamins and oils that improve the condition of the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. The natural formula of the product makes it safe for the skin and does not cause side effects. Bay

What is the fastest method to remove a scar?

Scars are permanent, but there are some creams that will reduce the appearance.

How does stretch mark cream allow stretch marks to go away?

Stretch mark cream does not really work as stretch marks are result from damage below the skin's surface. Putting a cream on top of the skin will help it's appearance as it will moisturize it, but will not remove stretch marks.

What to do for anosmia?

The main treatment of anosmia is the use of glucocorticoids to reduce the inflammation. Another main treatment is to surgically remove the polyp that is causing this condition.

How safe is it to have a laser used to remove stretch marks?

For fresh stretch marks, a pulsed dye laser can be used to remove stretch marks. This sort of treatment is safe but does have its disadvantages. These disadvantages include time consuming, high cost, does not repair damaged or scared tissue, and best used only on reddish or brown color stretch marks.

Is there any treatment of stretch marks that can totally get rid off it?

The only solution to stretch marks is having cosmetic surgery done. Other than that there are several creams on the market that will only help lighten the stretch marks up but not remove them.

How long does it take for stretch marks to fade?

I think it depends on your skin type. Mine fade quite quickly, but my friends took years to go all silvery. I have recently discovered Bio Oil, which is brilliant. I was quite dubious about trying quick-fixes, but this really does work for me. Good luck.

Is there a cure for stretch marks?

Stretch marks are not pretty sight to have in your body! Yes it is so bothersome to see them please read this article about stretch marks! How to Prevent or Remove Stretch Marks

How can you remove your pregnancy stretch marks?

Use Mederma which is best stretch mark cream. Apply 3 times in day and remove new as well as old stretch marks.

How can you remove your stretch mark?

I would suggest you abrade top layer of the skin where stretch marks are located. I've gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and got stretch marks all over my body. No stretch mark cream ever helped because stretch marks are like scars there's that dead cell buildup that you can only mechanically remove(exfoliate). I've researched all kinds of methods and settled for microdermabrasion because it's not painful and you can do it yourself at home.The only thing you need to get are abrasive crystals.

How can remove stretch marks?

Most of the medical professionals regard time as the perfect treatment for these marks because after some time they will automatically fade off and diminish in prominence. But if you want to remove quickly or permanently, here is the solution. Fortunately, there are 10 most effective home remedies to get rid of stretch marks naturally.

What are effective was to remove stretch marks?

Apply cocoa butter into the stretch marks. Massage areas of stretch marks with vitamin E, especially after showering. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin A, E and C. You can take supplements along with your regular diet. However, pregnant women should have this after consulting their doctors. Eat foods that are rich in zinc, and silica. These are good for skin and help form collagen, the supporting fibers in the skin. The best way to get rid of stretch marks is visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. These doctors can actually help you with various treatments like actual surgery, and laser treatment that diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

What types of ailments is CO2 laser treatment used for?

CO2 laser treatment can be used to cure almost all types of skin ailments one might suffer from. Laser treatment can help get rid of some common things, like tattoo and stretch mark remove.

Does trilastin work for stretch marks?

Trilastin is a stretch mark cream that has been getting lots of reviews lately from its effectiveness in treating stretch marks. The ingredients used to make Trilastin is very different from other stretch mark creams in the market. Atelocollagen, hydrolyzed collagen, and hydrolyzed elastinare the key ingredients that help to reduce appearance of stretch marks. The company manufacturing Trilasting offers a 30-day money back guarantee for using it if you don't see any results within 30 days. Use of "Filling Spheres Technology" and Virtual patch further improve the appearance of stretch marks. It is safe for use in pregnant mums as well. So does it work? Yes it does but it does not completely remove it. But definitely, makes it less visible, in fact much more than any other stretch mark cream on the market. I hope this answers your question.

How do you remove stretch marks completely?

ANSWER:bio oil or surgeryANSWER:There are a lot of natural and surgical methods to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but unfortunately, removing it "completely" is not possible.For natural ways on stretch mark removal, you may apply any of the following on the affected areas:- aloe vera- castor oil- cocoa butter- olive oil- lavender oilFor surgical methods, following are some of your options:- Fractional Photothermolysis- Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy- Excimer Laser Therapy

Treating Male Stretch Marks?

Treating Male Stretch MarksAlthough mostly associated with women, stretch marks can affect men as well. No matter what the cause, ways are available to both prevent and treat them.Causes of Stretch Marks in MenStretch marks in men are caused by any rapid increase in bulk, causing the skin to stretch instead of being able to grow slowly to accommodate the larger amount of mass. The causes can include rapid weight gain and rapid increase in muscle mass due to steroid use. Teenage boys can also experience stretch marks while going through growth spurts.Prevention of Stretch MarksThe best way to take care of stretch marks is to prevent them from ever forming. By eating a sensible diet, a man can avoid the rapid weight gain which often results in stretch marks. If going through a growth spurt, a teenager can use lotions containing cocoa butter to help increase the elasticity of the skin.Treatments for Stretch MarksOnce stretch marks have formed, there are several treatments available from trained professionals such as dermatologists. Prescription creams containing Tretinoin are often given to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. For more severe cases, dermabrasion and laser treatments are often indicated.Stretch marks can have a negative impact on the self esteem of both men and women alike. If an individual is unable to prevent them, there are fortunately methods available which can remove or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

How can one get rid of surgery scars?

There are many types of creams and lotions that can reduce the appearance of scars, unfortunately there isn't a procedure that will remove scars completely. That being said there are some plastic surgeries than can greatly reduce them.

Can tanning help remove stretch marks?

Tanning will not help to remove stretch marks. It may make them harder to see and therefore make them look better, but it does not remove them. In fact, tanning over long periods of time would make stretch marks look worse.

Can stretch marks be removed by laser surgery or by using special creams?

== == * Laser surgery works best on stretch marks that are new and still red or purple. Laser surgery for stretch marks is very expensive - you need multiple treatments at $400 - $1,500 per treatment. Stretch mark cream, on the other hand, has been clinically proven to work and is much cheaper! Can stretch marks be removed without surgery? No. There are many over the counter creams available for the reduction of the appearance of stretch marks. These creams reduce the swelling of new marks and the redness of new and old ones. Surgery is available, and very pricey, and probably not worth the cost since I don't think insurance would cover it. Talk to a Pharmacist for a good over the counter cream. This should work in time. If you don't see the results that you are looking for, don't worry, they WILL reduce on their own. Eventually they will turn skin color and skin texture, and they can be tanned too. * Sorry to say this but they can't be tanned. They will always be a different colour from the rest of your skin. Try massaging in circular motions with lotion that has vitamin E in it. At least once a day or every 2 days and see what happens ... ;-) * While stretch mark creams might not be that effective on their own, I've heard that using these creams in combination with microdermabrasion treatment can help. See, there are two types of stretch mark creams; one type has collagen in it which your body needs to fix the stretch marks. The other type of cream has collagen inducing ingredients which cause your body to produce it's own collagen. The problem with both of these creams however, is that in order for the collagen to be effective it has to get to the deeper layers of skin. Rubbing a cream on the surface of the skin doesn't do this. So, if you do microdermabrsion on your stretch marks first, that takes off the top layer of your skin. Then if you apply the stretch mark cream after, the ingredients have a better chance of getting to the deeper layers of skin where they can be effective. * Revitagen stretch mark cream uses peptides to to penetrate the skin and heal the collagen matrix. Revitagen also has Siegesbeckia orientalis, which has been used for centuries to heal wounds. (Stretch marks are tears in the collagen matrix.) Using coco butter for pregnancy takes aways your stretch marks but you have to use it every day. Stretch marks can be removed by laser surgery as well as with by using special creams, it all depends how much you want to spend. Laser surgery is a costly treatment and it may also include some side effects with it but special creams like Skin Doctors Stretch Away Stretch Mark Cream can help you to remove stretch mark without any side effect and with in economical budget too. Skin Doctors Stretch Away Stretch Mark Cream is a unique combination containing naturally based ingredients, that helps to visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and to prevent new ones appearing.