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How to remove the factory radio and disconnect wirring harnes in a 2004 f150 Ford truck

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Q: How to remove factory radio from 2004 ford f150?
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What color wire is the remote wire when using an amp with a factory radio in a 2005 f150 ford supercrew?

The remote wire on the factory radio in a 2005 F150 Ford Supercrew is usually blue. The remote wire is used to connect extra things to a radio that are not already factory installed.

How do you remove the factory radio from a 1997 f150?

Use the expensive Ford tool, or just use four, clean 16penny nails, and slide them into the four holes in the faceplate of the radio. This will release the spring clips, and the radio can be gently worked out. To replace, remove nails, and just slide unit in.

How do you remove the factory 1997 Ford f150 alarm system?

I don't have a answer I'm asking you

Where is the aux plug for 2004 f150 stock radio?

Check out this site...

How to remove trim around radio on 2002 ford f150?

It pull's off and snaps back on.

How do you remove the factory radio from a 1988 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat?

the factory radio should be realy easy to move mine is a 89 f150 lariat so it should be the same now i dident have the part to remove it the best i can say is do what i do rip it out and pray for the best but if you have the extra cash go to kragen auto parts and ask for a CD player removel kit hope this helped you keep trucking

2004 f150 turns over but will not start?

The first thing I would check is the factory immobilizer, try another key if you have one.

How do you remove headrest from 2004 ford f150 pickup?

There is a button at the base of one of the supports, push it and pull up.

Need radio wiring diagram 2004 F-150?

You can obtained a 2004 F150 Ford pickup truck radio wiring diagram at most Ford dealerships. Many auto-parts stores will have the wiring diagram available.

Remove F150 door panel?

2004 Ford F150 Remove Front Door Panel and Mirrors2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, Ford F150 Door Panel and MirrorsFor the 2004 - 2008 - this is the best I found anywhere for removing front doors and the miirrors. It has clear pictures. Took the panel off if 15 minutes or less once I found this.

Where is the flasher relay on a 1997 Ford F150?

take radio out and look to left of radio

How do i deactivate the 2004 ford f150 truck alarm?

i lost the ignition key anl keyless remote on my for f150 2004 truck

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