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How to repair Toyota remote fuel door?


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Depends upon what is wrong. Usually the spring assembly that causes it to open when you pull the release is broken - in this case you have to replace the spring assembly. Should be able to get that at a junk yard. Another possibility is that the cable that runs from the release to the door is broken, so then you have to replace it. To know which it is, ask someone to hold the release lever in the (lifted) open position and see if you can gently pry open the door. If you can then it is likely the spring assembly and you should be able to see it to know if it is broken. If you can't pry it open, then it is likely the cable. In this case get help before the gas runs out since you won't be able to refill the tank with the door shut. If you can't get parts at the junk yard, then be prepared to pay a lot at the dealer for parts. One of two parts is broken, the fuel door spring, or the plastic release pin is broken (see picture). The plastic release pin is generally the problem. It is spring loaded against itself. When you pull up the fuel door release lever it moves into the shaft. If the plastic release pin is broken, the end part stays put and you can't open the fuel tank. Toyota doesn't just sell the pin, you have to buy the cable, part number 77035-AA020. It is $49.95 plus an arm and a leg to install it. We manufacture an aftermarket steel pin and spring assembly for $19.99. Shipping is free to North America. Instructions are included to open your fuel door and replace the pin. It is easy, all you will need is a flat screw driver and a pliers. This part is 100% guaranteed for the life of your car . Return it for a full refund if you are not happy.


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Push on the fuel door itself to open. There is NO remote fuel door release. Push on the fuel door itself to open. There is NO remote fuel door release.

You simply press on the fuel door and it will swivel like a revolving door. Make sure you hit unlock on your key remote because when the doors lock so does the fuel door.

You don't! It is only telling you which side your fuel door is on not whether the door is open or not. -siv

Not sure what you are asking here. If you want to know how to get the fuel "door" open,it is the small handle adjacent to the trunk lever near the door sil.If you are asking where the cable is for the fuel door,it has to be behind the trim in the trunk where the fuel filler is located.

A quick fix for a fuel filler door on a new Beetle automobile is to use a paperclip where the hinge should be. If the door is completely broken off, a new door should be purchased.

There is no button or lever on this model, simply use the bump out on the rear of the gas door

Check: Owner's manual Door jambs, fuel filler door, or glove box door for a label

on the drivers door, in front of the rear hatch release. its down low towards the front of the car.

Scenic fuel cap locks operate with the door system - it's a security thing - if you use the remote to unlock your doors then you will find the fuel flap will open. Of course it will lock when you use the remote to lock the doors.

I don't know but you probably don't have to adjust the cable. If the pin at the fuel door that engages the hole in the bracket on the fuel door is moving 3/16 to 1/4 inch or so when some one gently activates the fuel door lever, then all you have to do is gently bend the bracket on the fuel door until the pin just engages the bracket on the fuel door but still disengages from the bracket when the lever is pulled.

Outer side bottom of the driver's seat?

Check the owners manual or look for a label in the door jambs or in the fuel filler door or attached to the glove box door.

Check door jambs or fuel fill door - should be a label telling you how much

Try looking in either the door jambs or in the fuel filler door, there should be a label telling you the correct pressures

I have the same problem on 2011 RAV4 V6. Please help!

it's under the driver seat on the left side, a black handle lever,,

Check the fuel lines on the drivers side right beneath the door.

How do you drain fuel from toyota landcruiser?

It is a lever on the floor just in front of the driver's seat on the left next to the door. The fuel door release is right next to it.

It is into the fuel tank, to reach it , you need to remove the back seat usually it is on the driver side

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