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How to replace a headlamp on a Chevy Corsica 1990?


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this information should be in the owner's manual-if you don't have it ,i'd guess it will be the same as my '91: 1. Under the hood right above the lamp is a plastic cover with two retaining knobs. Twist the knobs 1/4 turn and fold the cover back. 2. remove the locking knobs on the headlight assembly bracket . 3>gently lower the headlight assembly away from the front fender. 4 turn the bulb socket counterclockwise 1/6 turn and pull it out. 5 remove the bulb base from the socket by lifting the locking tab . 6 put in the new bulb. My low beam bulb was a 9006 ,hi beam is 9005 these seem to be the the standard parts-just remember DON'T touch the bulb with anything greasy(including your fingers) 7-10 put everything back in the opposite order.


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Remove the screws holding headlight door (the chrome or painted reflector panel) in place. This should include the screws located in the side/corner light panels. Remove the screws from the retaining ring to release the hold on the headlamp. Pull the headlamp forward and disconnect the lamp socket. Replace the headlamp and restore the fittings in reverse order.

Some bulbs can be changed by accessing them through the runk but I think your have got to remove the light assy and then remove the bulb.

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