How to replace a headlamp on a Chevy Corsica 1990?

this information should be in the owner's manual-if you don't have it ,i'd guess it will be the same as my '91: 1. Under the hood right above the lamp is a plastic cover with two retaining knobs. Twist the knobs 1/4 turn and fold the cover back. 2. remove the locking knobs on the headlight assembly bracket . 3>gently lower the headlight assembly away from the front fender. 4 turn the bulb socket counterclockwise 1/6 turn and pull it out. 5 remove the bulb base from the socket by lifting the locking tab . 6 put in the new bulb. My low beam bulb was a 9006 ,hi beam is 9005 these seem to be the the standard parts-just remember DON'T touch the bulb with anything greasy(including your fingers) 7-10 put everything back in the opposite order.