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After lifting the hood first disconnect the negative side of the battery. Then from under the hood look behind the headlights, there are three retaining screws that hold the silver plastic frame that surrounds the headlights. Unscrew retaining screws then pull frame forward and down. There are three or four screws witch hold the headlight housing in place. UN-plug headlight(s) to be replace. Remove the screw from the headlight housing then remove housing and headlight(s). Replace in reverse order.

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2012-01-18 08:33:51
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Q: How to replace a headlight in a 1988 Lincoln Town Car?
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Remove the connector from the back of your 2004 Lincoln Town Car headlight. Take hold of the headlight, push in and turn at the same time. The lightbulb will come out. Reverse the process to install the new lightbulb.

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According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For a 1988 Lincoln Town Car : ( 20.0 U.S. gallons )

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