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How to replace a heater blower motor on a 96 Chevrolet pickup?


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Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 1996 Chevrolet blower motor. Remove the blower motor retaining bolts. Remove the fan from the blower motor. Reverse the process to install your new blower motor.


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i need to know how to replace the heater core on my 1992 s-10 pickup

It's located under the dash in the pass. side floorpan. Remove the screws that hold up the trim plate, that will reveal the bottom of the motor, it is removed like a twist-lock, 1/4 turn and it should drop out.

no you don't have to its actually like just the hoses and the blower is under the dash

Start the car, turn the heater/blower on full, The hose that is the hottest is the Inlet. The coolest is the Outlet.

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Yes, located in the blower motor resistor pack. Follow the wires backward from the blower motor to find it.

take it to a shop and have them do it If it's the same as a pickup, take out the glove box and the resistor should be on top of the heater box. Not much too it.

no, the bearing usally go out on them. i just replaced the 1 on mine.

It is mounted under the drivers side of the truck in the frame rail.

pay someone to do it for u, what a pain in the ARSE

The heatercore is located on the passenger side under the dash. It is located on the left side of the blower fan. Remove the heater core housing which consists of 5-6 screws. Disconnect the two radiator lines under the hood that run into the firewall. There should only be one bracket holding the heater core in the housing. Remove and replace the heater core in the opposite order. Have a good one.

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Blower motor resistor assembly is located under dash board on passenger side.

There is no fixing a broken motor mount. Replace them with a new ones.

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You should probably bring it to a mechanic because it is very difficult to replace the heater core on GMC pickups.

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