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Caution:On models with a Delco Loc 2 or Theftlock audio system be sure the lockout feature is turned off before proceeding * Disable the airbag system * Remove the tilt lever if equipped * Remove the upper and lower steering column covers Ignition Switch * Remove the ignition switch retaining screws * Detach the ignition switch from the steering column housing assembly and unplug the electrical connectors Key Lock Cylinder * Turn the key to the run postion * Depress the lock button and remove the key lock cylinder

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No, not if it is not defective. If the ignition switch is defective then that is all you need to replace.

How is the ignition key switch replaced on the 2000 Pontiac Sunfire? And after replacing the switch would I have to have it Towed to the Pontiac Dealer in order to have the car key programed to the Computer?

How do you replace the ignition swith opn a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville se

On the column accross from the key lock cylinder

Begin by removing the retaining ring at the top of your 1990 Pontiac Bonneville ignition switch. The ignition switch will slide out. Remove the wiring harness from the end of the ignition switch. Reverse the process to install your new ignition switch.

I recenlty got a recall on my ignition switch in my 2000 sunfire and I just took it to the dealer and they did it for free.

You can remove your 1997 Pontiac Bonneville ignition switch by removing the retaining ring at the top of the ignition switch. The ignition switch will slide out.

By taking it to a GM certified auto technician.

If you pick up a Haynes or Chilton manual for the car, it will show you how to remove and replace the ignition switch. You might be able to find out why it won't turn without having to replace it. Another option would be to call a locksmith.

You do not need a key to replace the ignition switch.

You can price the part on any of the big box parts house's websites.

HOW DO I REPLACE 1998 camry ignition switch?

It's really easy the switch is in the steering colume.

It might be the high/low beam switch. Had to replace one on my '96 when I had only low beams.

I had the same issue with a 99 Pontiac sunfire and i i had to replace the ignition switch on the inside of the steering column i think the part was around $25-30 dollars its relatively easy to do the swap but the hardest part is gonna be to find the T$ star bit scoket you will need to take the old one out

The neutral safety switch is found under the clutch pedal on a Pontiac Sunfire. Crawl under the cars steering column to see and reach the unit.

The starter solenoid, or ignition switch is bad, and either one needs to be replaced.

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how to replace an ignition switch for 2005 chevy equinox

Ignition switch 2002 Chrysler sebring. Original key will not turn? Is there a fuse or replace the switch?

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