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fog light not working and radio light went out

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Q: How to replace fusible link in Nissan Altima?
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HOW TO replace fusible link on a 2001 Chevy truck?

Where is the fusible link in a 2005 Chevy HD truck

Where is the fusible link for 1996 Nissan truck?

on the positive battery cable

How do you replace blown fusible link?

If the fusible link is made into the wiring it will have to be cut out. The new link will be solidly connected, such as soldering it in, then the connections sealed form weather.

Where is the fusible link on a 1989 Nissan pickup?

its connected to your positive battery cable.

Where is the fusible link on a 1982 Nissan 720 pickup truck?

on the positive battery cable

Is the starter under the alternator on a 94 Nissan altima?

No - See Link

Where can you find a fusible link for your 1989 Nissan D21 truck?

Any auto parts store.

What causes make the link fusible blow out in car Nissan truck?

A dead short to ground.

Why does your 1995 Nissan Altima die while driving?

Hope this link helps:

What could be the problem when the dashboard and gauges go out on a 1997 Nissan pickup?

blown fuse or blown fusible link.

How do you remove the speakers from a 2002 Nissan Altima?

Yahoo search 04 Nissan altima speaker and a you-tube link should pop up. 02 and 04 have the same set up so this should work for you vehicle

Will electricity work if the fusible link is bad?

What ever circuit that fusible link protected would be dead if the fusible link is blown.

Replace crank position sensor 05 Nissan Altima?

Here is the link where you can see how to install Crank shaft positioning sensor with detail pictures.

Where is the fusible link on a 1972 Pontiac ventura 307?

There will be two smaller wires that mount to the starter solenoid. These mount to the same post on the solenoid as the battery cable. The last few inches of this wire is fusible link. Many times the link melts and people will replace it with regular wire. It's there to protect your vehicle wiring. If it's missing, I highly recommend replacing it with fusible link.

Do a 1997 cutlass have a fusible link?

do a 1997 cutlass olds. have fusible link

Is there a fusible link in a 1968 Pontiac LeMans If so...where?

There should be a fusible link on the car. There will be two small wires that mount to the starter solenoid. The last few inches of these should be fusible link. A lot of times these are missing. When they do their job and "melt" a lot of guys just replace them with regular wire. Most any auto parts store carry fusible link. You can buy it in pre-cut pieces or in a roll just like any other wire. Hope that helps.

How do you install an aftermarket CD player on a 2007 Nissan altima?

AT THE BOTTOM I PUT THE LINK IN THE RELATED LINKS NAMED EBAY if the link doesnt work go to eBay and search altima dash kit or radio din

Can you change a fusible link on 2002 Camry?

Where is the fusible link on a 2002 Camry, and how do I change it.

If the battery goes bad you replace the battery and get no response from a 2000 Mazda Millenia what do you do?

check the main fusible link

What causes the radio to cut out on a 1990 Nissan 300ZX and then the car be totally dead when driving down the road?

check the main feed fusible link you cant go by visual inspection the fuse is inside the plastic case of the link where you cant see it I fought this problem for weeks and I replaced the fusible link and bingo problem solved!

How do you disable the factory alarm on a 2000 Nissan Altima?

For instructions on how to disable a factory alarm, check out the related link below.

Where is the fusible link for a 1994 Chevy lumina?

can you tell me where my fusible link is for my 1994 Chevy lumina

How do you know if the problem is a fusible link?

The circuit the fusible link protects would be dead (no power).

Have no lights on your 1996 Nissan Pickup Truck starts with no problems?

check fusible link its connected to positive battery cable,coulb be burnt or swollen.

How do you replace fusible links in a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder?

The main battery fusible link (120) is in the fuse box under the hood right by the battery. It is easy to see if it is blown because it has a clear window on the top of it. Before you replace it, verify why it blew in the first place....otherwise the new one will blow right away as well. It is secured by 2 screws, one 10mm and one 8mm. The only way to take it out and replace it is to use a small flathead screwdriver to unfasten the clips holding that half of the fusebox to the other half (three clips on back side and two between the two haves of the fuse box if I remember right), then you will be able to pull up on the half containing the fusible link to gain access to the two screws. The two screws each hold one wire to the link. Take out the screws, pull up on the fusible link to take it out, put the new one in, put screws back in, snap that half of the fuse box back in place......Done.