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Depending on what type of central locking you have there a two mwethods and by reseting I gather you mean reprogramming the fobs to the cars locking system.

First you need to ascertain if you have IR (Infra Red) or RF (Radio) Central locking, the R plate came with both.

IR cars have little square black windows on the exterior door handles at the front.

RF cars dont, but the cool thing about RF equipped cars is that a 3 button key from a newer Ford will open the boot/trunk remotly too!

Anyway to reprogram IR keys do this:

Put the key into the ignition and turn to position I. After 10 seconds the red alarm LED should illuminate. As soon as it does remove the key from the ignition - the LED should remain lit. Open the drivers window. Point the remote key at the front door sensor and press the rear button until the light on the transmitter illuminates, keep the button pressed until it does! With the rear button held in press the front button 4 times then release both at the same time. The control lights in both the clock and fob will flash 4 times to indicate sucseful programming. Turn the ignition back on to exit programming mode

To reprogram RF keys do this:

Insert the ignition key and turn from position II to position 0 and back four times within three seconds. Remove the ignition key. During the next 20 seconds press one of the transmitter buttons on each key you wish to program. The warning system LED wil flash to confirm programming. You have to code each and every key each time you do this.

I used this method for my P reg mondeo (IR) but used position 11 not pos 1 and it worked a treat!

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Q: How to reset remote central locking on a v reg ford galaxy?
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