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If you are up too it, get a waterstone, (norton 4000/8000 combo) is pretty much the standard. A strop is used to keep a razor sharp. A waterstone is to sharpen a razor.


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yes by giving precise force on the razor by the rock can make it sharp

Use a match box and sharpen on the striker.

Usually instead of sharpening the blades on an electric razor you can just replace them.

rubbing it against a sharpening stone i think called pyrite (spelling) or leather

You can get a blade sharpener, but those alone can cost around twenty dollars.

No, you cannot bring a straight razor in your air travel kit. You can bring an electric or a disposable razor.

Its when they take a straight razor to cut your hair, at the salon. To give it that choppy look!

yes, but only disposable straight razor blades. They must be properly disinfected for use.

can a florida cosmetolgist use a straight razor to shave a mans neck

A straight edge razor made by W.F. Haas Solingen in Germany is considered to be one of the best straight edge razors ever made. This type of razor is generally a vintage item and although not extremely valuable, they are often collectible.

yes, if it is a safety razor like a mach 3 and not a disposable straight blade. those are no go.

The best type of electric razor is a multiple head razor because it will shave more area at a time than the single head. However, maintenance cost might be a little higher with the multiple head because, instead of just one razor head to sharpen, there will be two or more heads.

Most probably, the maker and his town.

Depending on condition, $10-100. Search "Shumate razor" on eBay to get a better idea of what prices they're fetching.

I need to sharpen the knife.Education will sharpen your knowledge.

One can learn how to use straight razors from a variety of sources on the web. The websites wikiHow and 'The Art of Manliness' both offer guides with images on how to safely use the straight razor. YouTube also has plenty of video guides on using the razor.

The vintage razors are valued at a price close to $120 each. The price will vary depending upon the condition of the razor.

No one knows who invented the straight razor for sure. Narrow bladed folding razors were first offered for sale in 1680 in Sheffield, England, and in 1740 we know that a man named Benjamin Huntsman had invented a new process for making them and the way that he made them spread to other countries, but that new process is the closest we have to being able to identify a single person as an inventor of the straight razor.

You use a stone on the straight part of the edge and a small round file for the serrated edges.

No, the word 'sharpen' is a verb (sharpen, sharpens, sharpening, sharpened).The noun forms for the verb to sharpen are sharpener and the gerund, sharpening.

Toby slits his throat with his own straight razor.

Depending on the style of ceiling tile, use a razor knife or carving knife. Also use a straight edge. Depending on the style of ceiling tile, use a razor knife or carving knife. Also use a straight edge.

It depends from where you buy it I've heard from friends who have bought them that they are all reasonable sharp but apparently the NECA make is the least sharp. at any rate you can always sharpen it yourself local good ol fashion barbers may be able to help you with it, or just get a guide hope this helped

I use to have these. Don't shave as often. One every week or once every 2 weeks. Be sure to moisturize after you shave. make sure your razor head is sharp and new. Shave straight over the razor bumps.

The best old fashioned razor for a man to get a close shave is a straight razor but they can be dangerous if not used properly.

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