How to smile if your sad?

Sad can go away and so can smiles. If something makes you feel sad, then it's okay to show a sad face.
Some people can't smile when they are crying and are sad. Some can smile if they are always taught to be jolly at times like being sad.

Smile even if you don't know the reason. Smiles are beautiful but frowns are a very painful look to other people.

When I look at people and caught their eye, I smile easily. I know how to cry but not much. I feel sad but people don't see it coz i keep on smiling and laughing and thinking about funny moments.

After sadness, there are smiles, after smiles there are sadness and other emotions. It's like a complex cycle. A goes to B and B becomes C and so on.

Being sad is normal. If you can't smile when you are sad then forget about sadness. Let itself take care about itself. Stay happy and optimistic.