How to tell a girl i am not a bad person?

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Well, your not right? so just prove that to her! be extraa sweet and do some charity work...ask her to help you :) and dont go to jail
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Is it bad to tell a girl she has a nice butt?

At least you had the common sense to ask this question. Yes, it's crass to tell her that. Tell her she has a nice figure instead of a nice butt. It's all in the way you put th

Is it bad to tell a girl her boyfriend cheated on her?

This is a bad situation to be in and you'll probably end up the loser no matter what you do. It's normal if you should tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her that she

What should you do if cant tell the person you love that you love him because it your culture its bad for a girl to ask a guy out?

if you really believe in this culture thing then if i were you, i wouldn't ask the boy out. but if the culture doesn't REALLY matter you u, then, give it a try . ANSWER Well

If your friend won't listen to you when you tell him that the girl he's chasing is a bad person yet he won't listen or believe you what should happen?

let him find out what she is really like. Don't put yourself between you and his girlfriend you could end up losing. Stay in the background, let him make his decisions and be

How do you tell a girls personality?

\nTalk to her. Find out what she does, what she's into. Talking is the best way to get to know anyone. However, you can never know completely for sure, because people are boun
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Is it bad to tell a girl you love her?

Depends, If your 14 and you have your first girl friend and you say that, well your obviously caught up in hormones, your relationship won't last, and it's a bit on the ignor
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Why do girls turn into a bad or nasty person?

ANSWER: By your question, you sound a little bitter. Now you wanted to know why "girls" how about lets use the proper words so it will sound better, why women turn into slut
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What to do if a hot girl likes you but has a bad personality?

If she has a bad personality, then ask yourself, is she worth it? Just because someone is hot doesn't mean you should date them. You should want someone that has inner beauty
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Why does a girl tell you personal things about herself?

A girl tells you intimate details about herself because she want to get closer to you. it likely that she is interested ("likes") in you and/or she wants you to know that she