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If the old disk is OK strap it as SLAVE and connect it to the same bus cable that goes to the new disk. The new disk must be strapped as MASTER.

Start your PC and have a look in BIOS setup that BIOS has recognized the old disk.Exit BIOS setup, continue BOOT and copy all your favorite files. NOT OS FILES.



2011-09-13 05:47:37
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Can you transfer save data on an Xbox 360 disk to another Xbox 360 disk?

No, all saved data is kept on the hard drive, or memory card.

What is the significance of the data transfer rate of a drive?

Data Transfer Rates states the maximum speed at which data can be read/write onto the storage disk.

Floppy disk disadvantages?

the floppy disk has tiny storage and a slow data transfer rate

When accessing a disk the amount of data transferred is?

If you are using the word "assessing" to read a disk then the amount of data you can transfer to the disk (write) is the remaining available free space on the disk. On the other side of the coin, the amount of data to can extract (cut) is the amount of data that is stored on the disk.

What is the data transfer rate of a floppy disk?

14 mb/s

Can you transfer a computer game to another computer without the CD disk?

If possible, you could save the data from the CD onto your computer. Then, you could transfer the data to another computer via a USB drive, email (if the data is small enough), or via the internet, using a file host or a cloud server.

Can you burn something to a disk that is already installed?

We can burn a disk when it is an re-writable disk even though it has data in it.But when it is an ordinary disk i.e., if it is an only writable disk with data in it,we cannot burn the disk with another data.

What do you do when your destination disk is full?

Insert the another disk or remove unnecessary data..

Which device require highest input data transfer rates?

compact disk

Why is hard disk is popular than floppy disk?

Hard disk is more popular than floppy disk because hard disk can store huge amount of data in term of mega byte to giga byte. It stores the data safely compared to floppy disk. External hard disk are portable so they can transfer the data from one computer to another . But floppy disk has low capacity and are vey slow compared to hard disk . It can be easily damaged when exposed to heat and dust. Files can be easily corrupted and data transfer rate is slow compared to hard disk. Nowadays, computer are built without floppy drives which is needed to read floppy disks.

Can you transfer data from a laptop to a desktop?

Yes, you can do this in serveral ways, it just depends on how much data you want to transfer. Small amounts of data can be transfered by USB sticks. Large amounts of data can be transfered via a data transfer cable or external hard disk. A data transfer cable requires no 'middle man', or storage device.

What is the disk drive used for?

A few years ago people used to insert floppy disks into the disk drive to transfer data from computer to computer and to backup their work stored on the internal hard disk. Nowadays, people generally transfer data via the network/internet or use a disk-on-key that is inserted in a USB port. People might also burn a CD or DVD with their data.

How do you transfer data to a floppy disk?

From which platform? From a Windows platform, insert the floppy into your disk drive. You can do this any number of ways but I'll give you the two easiest for me: 1. Right click on start, hit explore, drag your data to the disk drive. It will copy it, not move it. Remove disk. 2. In the program that opens the data you want to transfer (so perhaps Word for a paper you wrote), have the data open in the window, click on File, Save As, and Save it to your floppy drive (usually drive A). Close program. Remove disk.

What kind of disk controller uses serial signals to transfer data instructions and information?


Describe the procedure for downloading a fole to the output device?

To transfer or copy data from one computer to another, or to a disk or peripheral device, or be transferred or copied in this way Love, mexicanoes

Why the capacity of a hard disk is very large as campared to floppy disk?

Both hard disks and floppy disks contain a magnetic surface on which data (information) can be recorded, accessed, and erased. While the hard disk is a permanent Storage and unlike floppy disk. The is still used in every computer but with the invention of USB the floppy disk is not using to much. The space of floppy disk was 8 MP not more but USB space is to many as well as Hard disk. We used Floppy Disk to make our work easy to transfer data to floppy and give it to your friend and the data is transfer to his PC.

You had an xbox 360 pro which broke down on you so you are buying an elite how do you transfer the data from your old hdd to your new one?

you need to buy a memory card and then transfer the data to the hard disk

Can a floppy disk drive read a floppy disk regardless of how the write protect notch is set?

Yes. The write protection notch is the same for USB, floppy, and other portable media. What is is supposed to do is prevent changing of the data, not reading of the data, on the disk.

What hard disk interface that uses parallel signals to transfer data instructions and information called?


What determines the maximum continuous data transfer rate for an SATA drive?

disk rotational speed in RPM

What are special purpose chips and electronic circuits that control the transfer of data instructions and information from a disk to and from a system bus and other components in the computer?

Disk controllers

How do you transfer data from a old computer to a new computer?

Answer There are many ways you can transfer data from one computer to another. These include using a USB data transfer cable. Other than this there are many options, some of which are listed below: 1. Transfer using an Ethernet cross cable for direct PC to PC connection. 2. Connect both new and old computer to same Ethernet network (wired or wireless). Even Bluetooth or Infrared can be used but data transfer speed is very slow. 3. Burn data on first machine through an internal or external CD/DVD burner and then read the burned CD/DVD on the new machine. 4. Use a USB memory drive an external hard disk drive for transferring data. 5. Hook up the hard disk from first computer to the new computer either internally or through an external hard disk enclosure to transfer data. - Neeraj Sharma

How do you transfer contacts from excel to mobile?

best way i can think of is to load them onto the mini SD disk and transfer the data over to your new phone that way.

What is the function of External hard disk drive?

External HDD can be used as a high capacity flash drives. You can transfer high quantities of data from one computer to another using external HDD.

What is RPM of a hard drive?

RPM or Revolutions Per Minute for a hard disk drive of a computer is speed at which the spindle which holds the disk platters revolves. Although there are many parameters affecting performance, faster RPM allows for higher data throughput and performance to the drive. As disk revolution speed increases, the internal data transfer rate (data transfer rate when reading or writing data) increases. Most common drives these days have 7200RPM speed.