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Q: How to use Copyfile option in Visual Basic 6.0 to create a backup of database?
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What is the best software out there to create a relational database?

The best software to create a relational database is Access 2010, which makes managing data easy. The program combines a visual database with the power of a relational database.

How do you create a save button to save a dataset into a database in Visual Basic?

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How do you create database in sql server?

create database (database name)

Creating a backup of your data files?

Windows provide builg-in utilities to create backup of data files. NTbackup and Windows backup and restore are two utilities which are use to create backup in windows. these tools create backup in .bkf file format.

How do you create a backup file on your computer?

Why to create a backup file in your computer?? If you are going to create a backup file, you should put it on an external hard disk or USB. If you have a file in your computer with a backup file and your computer burns, they will both disappear

How do you create a new database in MySQL?

The MySQL command is "CREATE DATABASE [dbname]" with "[dbname]" replaced with your desired database name.

Is the relational database an example of oracle database?

A relational database is a type of database design. Oracle is a brand of database. You can create a relational database using Oracle. You can also create relational databases using other database applications.

How do you create a database link?

In order to create a database link, the command CREATE DATABASE LINK is used. Depending on the requirement, private or public databases may be created.

Can you create a database with only a form?

Yes , you can create a database using a form . But you have to do two things First make a form in html or jsp whatever you like. Then Connect the form to database using java database connectivity.Yes, we can create database with a form. First create a form using html or jsp then we can connect it to database using JDBC.

How do you create a db?


Which default Database roles are created when you create a Database?

To create a database you need to name a file and add that to Microsoft excel :) hope that helps :)

Which default Database roles are created when you create a Oracle Database?

Grant,connect and DBA are the three default roles created when you create a database.

How often should one perform a PC backup?

You should perform a PC backup as often as you create new files. If you create numerous files a day, it is suggested that you do a backup very often. If you create very few files that require a PC backup, do it monthly.

Is it true that database management systems create and manage databases?

yes it mange database and also create it.

How do you make a database using MySQL?

CREATE DATABASE name_of_database;

What is Windows xp backup utility?

Windows XP provide " Windows Backup and Restore" a In build utility for creating backup. I will create backup of your vital files, documents, folders, songs, videos, and other data. this utility create .bkf backup files.

What is a database that has no data and has no database tools in which you create the data and the tools as you need them is reffered to as a?

Blank Database

Is there anyway to convert filemaker databases into c plus plus or Visual Basic files?

Not that I'm aware of. But since Filemaker is a database, you can use C++ to access the database just as you would use C++ to create SQL queries on an SQL database. Think of Filemaker as being the backend to your C++ program.

How many control files are required to create a database?

You do not need any control files to create a database; the control files are created when you create a database, based on the filenames specified in the CONTROL_FILES parameter of the parameter file.

How do you create a database using PHP?

After you connect your mysql server, you can use this mysql query: mysql_query("CREATE DATABASE DatabaseName");

How do you create a data base?

If your database program uses standard SQL commands, you would use the CREATE DATABASE command.

What object must be created first when creating a database file?

To use the module, we need to create a connection object that represents the database, it needs to have a username, password, and host. Here are the steps to create a database: open Microsoft access, create a new database, save the file, and browse the new database menu.

How do you create a program in visual basic?

arrays programms in visual basic

When you create a new database the name of the database appears which bar?

Title bar

Which data structure used in database?

You create your own data structure in database.