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How to use bacteria in a sentence?

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There was bacteria on the loaf of bread he ate, and he got very sick

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Can you use the word bacteria in a sentence?

There was bacteria on the loaf of bread he ate

How do you use mircroscopic in a sentence?

Many bacteria are microscopic.

How do you use monera in a sentence?

A type of Monera is bacteria.

How do you use teem in a sentence?

The petri disk was teeming with bacteria. Public bathrooms teem with bacteria.

How do you use beneficial in a sentence?

Some bacteria are beneficial to their hosts.

How can you use infinitesimally in a sentence?

There is an infinitesimally amount of bacteria in the planet.

How do you use the word microorganism in a sentence?

A bacteria is a common microorganism

How do you use myriad in a compound sentence?

There are myriad species of bacteria.

Use nitrogen cycle in a sentence?

Bacteria are essential to the nitrogen cycle.

How do you use the word microscopic in a sentence?

"The microscopic bacteria are abundant on my fingernail."

How would use virulent be used in a sentence?

this bacteria is virulent strain

When do you use bacteriology in a sentence?

The man is studying bacteriology, which is the study of bacteria

How would you use nitrogen-fixing bacteria in a sentence?


How do you use 'anti-bacteria' in a sentence?

"She didn't just want odor masking abilities, she wanted anti-bacteria properties in her room freshener."

Bacteria in a sentence?

oh mam I had bacteria

A sentence with bacteria in it?

Bacteria can cause disease.

How can you use black death in a sentence?

Black Death was caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis.

How do you use anaerobic in a sentence?

Anaerobic means without oxygen. Those are anaerobic bacteria.

How do you use pasteurization in a sentence?

Pasteurization is the process by which you kill the bacteria in a particular substance by applying heat.

Can you use the word ptomaine in a sentence?

The food contained ptomaine which harbored poison-producing bacteria

Use the word contaminate in a sentence?

The bacteria on unwashed hands will contaminate any foodstuffs they touch.

How do you use a sentence using appendix?

I hope that my appendix does not burst otherwise bacteria will spill into my body.

How do use pasteurise in a sentence?

In order to kill off harmful bacteria in milk, you need to pasteurise it.

How do you use chemosynthesis in a sentence?

Some species of bacteria make their own food through chemosynthesis.

What is a sentence using the word bacteria?

# Bacteria can be killed antibiotics.

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