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First in ClassGenerally, becoming first in your class means that you get outstanding grades, usually in a tough curriculum like college prep. With that in mind, the way to become first in your class is to pay attention in class, do the very best you can on your homework and turn it in on time, ask questions if you don't understand something, etc. You should also have good attendance so that you are present for instruction, can ask questions if you need to, and can participate in class.

Additionally, in order to succeed in your goal to become first in your class, read a lot, not just fiction, but read non-fiction that may supplement your current curriculum, and you may already become familiar with the topic before the teacher even introduces what you'll be studying. You also should try to do every extra credit project, report, whatever you have to do to improve your grade. If you don't have an A in a class, do the extra credit and do it thoroughly and well, you have to keep your grades up. If you have a project due and there are several options as to how to complete the project, do the option that involves the best grade possible, even if you have a very reluctant partner and have to do something a little embarrassing for you, or just plain weird to get that grade. You need the grade. Also, if your teacher requires an item to demonstrate something or for the class to be able to do something, if it involves building something that the teacher really needs, do it. The teacher will love you for it, and will probably give you extra credit for doing so. Additionally, don't goof off in class. The teacher hates it, and you won't be able to focus, that and you might get kicked out of class and miss an important lecture or instructions for completing a project, and you may be left clueless. Light humor once you've established the belief among most people that you are quite harmless and benign in intention, can not only make you feel good, but can lighten the general class mood, and you might even make your seemingly Vulcanoid [Star Trek reference, just Google Vulcans] teacher, who may normally refuse to show any emotion at all, or maybe just show anger, smile or even laugh! No obscenity, it's just a bad idea.

Now the dreaded social stuff. We all know that smart people aren't usually smiled upon except by teachers. If you're a very social person, continue to be one. Don't let annoying stupid people make you feel bad when they mock you. If they ask you for help, provide it. If you are intelligent, you have a rare gift that you should share. People may need your help, and it's your job when no one else has a clue.

Now, scheduling and free time. If you are going to be first in your class, you're going to have to work hard, very hard. You will feel sometimes like you want to give up. You will become tired, stressed, and probably an altogether mess sometimes. That's alright, you will be fine. If you're tired, take a short nap. Set an alarm clock to wake you so you can continue working, or do something else for a change. When you get home from school for the day, you can nap, go on the computer, use it as free time, or get straight to work, your choice. You can run on minimal sleep for a while, it's possible, but your immune system may suffer and you may become ill, keeping you away from school, and away from the necessary lectures. You need to take care of yourself. Allow yourself breaks in between studying, watch a funny or cool video on YouTube, play a video game, or write a WikiAnswers page on a subject you're an expert on, whatever.

Getting exercise isn't extremely important, unless you're doing a sport, in which case, work hard. You need exercise, but a simple cardio workout daily, such as stair stepping for two fifteen minute intervals, might just be sufficient and easy to do for you.

Lecture over. If you can read this entire article, congratulations, you're one step closer to becoming first in your class, or at least ranking pretty high up there. If you just skimmed, okay, great, but attention span longer than three minutes is pretty important.

Good luck.

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1. Pay attention in classes.
2. Listen to teachers and answer them frequently.
3. Try to participate in sports and be outgoing.
4. Don't feel ashamed to ask questions when you don't know the answers.
Pay attention in class and study hard.

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Q: How to you come first in class?
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