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How to you replace the CO2 sensor on a 1997 Toyota RAV4 with the error code of P0133?


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2014-10-07 02:15:53
2014-10-07 02:15:53

There is a special socket wrench needed to remove it. Some auto parts stores have a loan a tool program so you don't need to buy it. P0133 indicates bank 1 sensor 1, that is the first oxygen sensor on the side of the engine with the number 1 cylinder.


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Trouble code P0133 means:O2 sensor circuit slow responce (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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Upstream Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response (Bank 1)

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P0133 Means the Bank1 Sensor 1 oxygen sensor is not communicating correctly with the computer, weather the sensor is failing, or there is an issue with the wire/connection from the main harness to the the sensor lead itself. usually replacing the oxygen sensor (this one is located just off the engine in the exhaust manifold) will resolve the issue.

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I have toyota rav 4 03 and i have the engine light on, I got it diagnosed and p 1135 which is the o2 fuel sensor but, which one?

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Most likely it is on because one of sensors is not working properly. You will have to replace the sensor(s) if you want the light to go out. If you have an error code reader use it to find out which sensor has failed (there are at least 2).

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