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Canada was affected in so many ways be ww2. First of all it was the first war that they entered upon there own choice. Because of the Statute of Westminister in 1931 Canada had a choice onweither or not to join Britain. Canadian governent waited a weak and then delcared war as a sign of there independence. Many Canadian were killed in ww2 in the battle of Diepp. Approx 5000 Canadians landed at Dieppe 900 were killed 1000 wounded and 1900 taken prisoner. Only 2200 made ther way back to England. On the home front many Canadians did not support the war and did not agree with conscription ( government forced military service) Also when Canada declared war on Japan many Japanese Canadians were descriminated against and forced to labour camps to avoid contact with Japan. They were disciminated against wiether they were born in Japan or in Canada.

WW-II had a significant impact on every country even remotely involved in WW-II, and although Canada was never attacked, the war absolutely had an enormous impact on Canada. Although the country certainly had an industrial base, it was still a mostly agricultural country prior to entering the war. As the previous answer indicated, when England declared war on Germany, Canada did in fact wait a few days prior to announcing its own declaration. This was done as a symbolic indication of the country`s independent foreign policy, although it was virtually a foregone conclusion Canada would follow Britain`s lead and indeed had begun call-ups a couple of days prior to Britain`s declaration. Virtually overnight, the country began a transformation from a mostly agrarian society, to one of the world`s top industrial powers. Along the way, it became a world leader in several areas of technology,including medicines and medical research, optics, communications- including radar-Metallurgy, synthetic rubbers and other materials, and much more. Of a total population of around 11-million during the war years, over 1-million served in uniform. Canada contributed vast numbers of light and heavy weapons, a wide variety of military vehicle types, armoured and transport, artillery, fighters and bombers, and a variety of fighting and cargo ships. The country also set up the worlds biggest aircrew training programme along with clothing material uniforms and kit, and such semi-related items like a vast amount of food and resources etc etc all of which combined to make a major -indeed vital-- contribution to victory. Post-war, there was an economic slump as society went through a turmoil trying to employ the thousands of returning soldiers, in turn replacing the thousands of women who had found a new independance and place in society as industrial workers. When the Korea War erupted, Canada again answered the call. The soldiers, airmen and mariners all distinguished themselves once again although Canadian society generally was weary of war. In the 50`s and 60`s the baby boom created a massive birthrate (as was the case elsewhere in the western world) and Immigration from wartorn Europe increased. The baby boom, and immigration, created a healthy economy as first the housing market heated up and then vehicles and general consumer goods. As the baby boomers now begin to approach retirement, the economy is changing yet again..anyway the subject is HUGE but undeniably WW-II is a direct cause of a number of significant changes and events. Any number of doctoral theses have been written on the subject but perhaps this sketch will be of some slight use.<

A little before the attack on Pearl Harbour Britain feared the inevitable for their colony of Hong Kong and wished to keep this strategic area for as long as possible so they asked Canada for assistance. Canada sent 2 battalions and 1 brigade. Many Canadian heros were made in that battle. After the Bombing of Pearl many other targets of Japanese interests were invaded including Hong Kong. All Canadian were killed or captured and by the end of the war only 1428 of the defenders returned home. Outraged by the invasion Canada entered the pacific war.

Canada was greatly effected by World War 2. just ask any Japanese Canadian withing 100 miles of the coast of bc, or any Japanese Canadian infact. bc's government viewed the Japanese candians as a threat and they shipped them tho detention camps in the interior of bc, or to southern Alberta (beat surgar farms) the gov sold all their property, houses businesses land ect. all of their rights were stipped from them as well. in 1949 they regained their rights as citizens and in 1988 all Japanese canadians who were discriminated against were given 21 000 bux.

-women's rights were enhanced - they effectively ran the factories while the men wwere away - helped to unite the country - men from all over the country were brought together- ended the great depression - boosted the economy - Canada had the biggest merchant marine navy in the world by the end of the war

You should read Jeffrey A. Keshen' Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers. It is very in-depth and informative. I, as an American, thought I would not care about such history. But, in fact, I found it more interesting than the United State's experience through out the war.

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Q: How was Canada affected by World War 2?
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