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she was special because she loved him

They were cousins. When Albert got sick Elsa helped him.

Then later in life they married!


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No, Albert did not have children with Elsa Einstein.

Mileva Maric and his 2nd wife is Elsa Lowenthal----Albert Einstein had 3 kids with Mileva, Lieserl, Hans Albert, & Eduard.When he married his second wife Elsa, he joined her & her two kids.

Albert Einstein was married to Elsa Lowenthal for 17 years

Mileva Maric and Elsa Einstein

Einstein wrote daily to his wife Elsa and adopted stepdaughters Margot and Ilse.

Albert Einstein had gotten married to Elsa, and Meliva Maric

He had no children with elsa but they raised Albert children from his previous marriage 

He got married to Elsa in Jersey in 1919.

Mileva Maric. After divorcing her, Einstein married Elsa Lowenthal Einstein.

Elsa Lowenthal was Albert Einstein's second wife. She was a cousin who nursed him back to health following a serious illness in 1917. Elsa taught Albert the importance of health.

Mileva. Elsa.Hope this helps!

Albert Einstein's second wife was his first cousin! Her name was Elsa Lowenthal.

three important days in Albert Einsteins life were when he became the father of the atomatic bomb,when he got married to his cousin ,Elsa,. the last day is when he won the Noble Peace prize in 1921.

Albert Einstein was married twice in his life. His first wife was Mileva Maric. His second wife was Elsa Einstein.

No, he was married twice, to Mileva Maric (1903-1919) and to Elsa Einstein (1919-1936).

Elsa Einstein, the second wife and also a cousin of Albert Einstein, was 60 years old when she died on December 20, 1936 (born January 18, 1876).

first Albert Einstein married Maric Maric but then they divorced so then Albert married to his cousin elsa Lowenthalso yes he does have 2 wives

He had Two wives. First he married Mileva Maric who bore him three children. After divorcing her, Einstein married his own cousin, Elsa Lowenthal Einstein. Ever since the marriage between Elsa and Albert, they have been together until death.

No, Elsa Einstein, was his cousin. (He married her shortly after divorcing his old wife Mileva)

Meliva Meric who bore him three children then after divorcing her he wedded Elsa Lowenthal his distant cousin.

Albert Einstein was married twice. See for sources. Einstein married Mileva Maric in 1903 in Switzerland, apparently. Mileva and Albert were divorced in 1914. You can read about her on He married his cousin Elsa Löwenthal in 1919, in Berlin apparently, and they remained married until her death in 1936. Elsa was Albert's first cousin (maternally) and his second cousin (paternally). You can read about her on

Einstein was married twice, to: Mileva Maric from 1903-1919 Elsa Lowenthal 1919-1936

Albert Einstein was married twice to Mileva Maric and Elsa Lowenthal. With Mileva he fathered three children; Lieserl, Hans and Eduard.

Elsa Lowenthal Einstein was his second wife.

Albert Einstein actually had 2 wives. His first one was named Meliva Marvic who wen to school with him. His second one was named Elsa Lowenthal who was his cousin

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