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Albert Einstein's second wife was his first cousin! Her name was Elsa Lowenthal.

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Q: Who was Einsteins second wife?
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Who was Albert Einsteins second wife?

His second wife is his cousin

Albert Einsteins second wife?

Alberts second wife was his first cousin Elsa Lowenthal, they got married after he divorced his first wife Mileva Maric on 1919.

Who was albert einsteins first wife?

Mileva Maric

When and where were Einsteins kids born?

Einsteins kids were born in 1902 and the second one in 1910 but the first one died in childhood.

What were the names of Albert Einsteins kids?

Mileva Maric and his 2nd wife is Elsa Lowenthal----Albert Einstein had 3 kids with Mileva, Lieserl, Hans Albert, & Eduard.When he married his second wife Elsa, he joined her & her two kids.

What was Albert Einsteins wifes name?

His wifes name is..........................the problem is that he had one wife then got divorced and got remarried so first Mileve Maric then second was his cousin Elsa Lowenthal so this is his wivesanswerhe got married to his cousin that's all i know about it^ ALBERT EINSTEINS INCESSED?? EWWEEEE

Who was Albert Einsteins 1st wife?

According to Walter Isaacson's Einstein, her name was Mileva Maric

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Who was Albert Einsteins wife?

Meliva Meric who bore him three children then after divorcing her he wedded Elsa Lowenthal his distant cousin.

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