How was Finland involved in World War 2?

Finland was an early victim of the massive Soviet aggression that preceded the major combat operations of WWII. Like just about every other nation that had geographical contact with Russia, Finland was attacked and bludgeoned into submission. As with other Soviet aggressions, this was essentially ignored by the western powers. Naturally, several of these various victims of Soviet attack were willing to ally to Germany when Germany attacked the Soviets in June 1941. Finland's army fought bravely against the Soviets, being led by the world class general, Mannerheim. (aside: Finland was a 'possession' of the Czarist Russian empire until 1918. When Germany defeated Russia near the end of WWI, Germany was able to demand Finland's independence.) Ultimately the Soviets overwhelmed the Finnish forces and in 1944 Finland asked for an armistice. Surprisingly, the Soviets gave the Finns a relatively respectable peace agreement. Instead of occupying the entire country and ravaging it for years, the Soviets contented themselves with various 'pickin's' including the taking of the only Finnish outlet to the Arctic Sea, a major military base on Finlands Baltic coast, a big slice of eastern Finish territory, and various other arrangements that basically made Finland indefensible from attack. Following the war, the term Finlandization came into being. This term was meant to describe a situation where a major power does not wholesale occupy a smaller nation, but instead destroys it politically and militarily to the point where it is a weak vassal state unable to defend itself or resist further aggression.