Adolf Hitler

How was Hitler bad?

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He tried to kill all the Jewish people in Germany and probably would have spread all around the world if he wasn't stopped.

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Was Hitler a bad man d day?

Yes, Hitler was a very bad man.

Did Stalin have a bad childhood like Hitler that led to his ruthlessness?

Stalin had a bad childhood not bad as Hitler though

Is Hitler bad in younger years?

Hitler was really only bad later on in his life, when he was younger he was not as bad as when he was older.

Did Hitler have bad encounters with the Jews?

There is no evidence that Hitler had bad encounters with Jews on a personal level.

What negative impact did Hitler have on Germany?

hitler was a bad man

Did Hitler bury people alive?

yes, Hitler was a bad man. He did bad stuff. He did lots of bad stuff. He is a bad man. no, he was a politician not a manual labourer.

Why did the Germans put Jews in gas chambers?

because of Hitler i will not go in to Hitler because he is a bad bad man

Use Ku Klux Klan in a sentenece?

the klu klux klan was almost as bad as Hitler but not as bad at Hitler.

Was Adolf Hitler a werewolf?

Yes hitler was a bad werewolf.

Was Hitler a bad person?

No. Hitler was not a bad person. Only his SS and his army was bad. They did all the killings. Hitler killed no body. He adored people (Germans in general) and he loved animals. He had a dog called "blondie"

Is adolf Hitler bad in world war 2?

Yes, Adolf Hitler was bad (evil) before & during the war.

Is Adolf Hitler a good or a bad military leader?


Who was more bad Fidel Castro or Adolf Hitler?

Hitler he killed more

Was Adolph Hitler a villan?

Hitler was a bad dude! Shut up man

Was Hitler bad or mad?


What caused Hitler to be a bad person?


Was Hitler bad when he was young?

He was nasty

Was Adolph Hitler a bad kid?


What Hitler did bad to Jews?


Why did Hitler encourage people to do bad things?

Depends on what you mean by Bad thing because their is many views of bad. During the reign of the the Third Reich, what we think of bad was good to the Germans. Hitler encourages some people to do thing such as killing and beating people because Hitler wanted to free Europe from Jews and communism. Hitler encouraged people because, He knew they would listen to him. The listen because Hitler was their leader and Hitler was an inspiration to all the German's. The Germans were inspired by Hitler because, of the positive things Hitler done.

Was Hitler good or bad during 1933-1939?

He was bad.

Was the Hitler youth good or bad for the children?

the Hitler youth was bad, it taught the young ones Nazis does so they become the future Nazis

Was Hitler a good or bad leader?


Bad things Adolf Hitler did?


What bad things did Hitler do for Germany?


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