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The correct answer is 1636 but I don't know when that year . I know this from a book.

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Q: How was Vermont state founded?
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What is the state where Ben and Jerry's was founded?


When was Vermont Only founded?

Vermont joined the union in 1791

Why was Vermont founded?


How many states are in vermont?

Vermont is a U.S, state. Vermont is the only state in Vermont.

Is Vermont a state?

Yes, Vermont is a state.

What state does Vermont belong to?

...Vermont IS a state..

Is vermont a city or a state?

Vermont is a State.

Vermont is the capital of which state?

Vermont is a state. Montpelier is the capital city in the U.S. state of Vermont.

Who founded Vermont in 1636?

Well, actually Vermont was not founded in 1636. It was founded by two Native American tribes but later taken over by France.That answers that.....Your Welcome

When was the colony of Vermont founded?


What year was Vermont founded?


What sport was founded in Vermont?


What colony was founded in Vermont?


Where is the Ben and Jerrys in Vermont?

Ben & Jerry's was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont.

Is Vermont a state or city?

Vermont is a state in the US.

What number state is Vermont?

Vermont is the 14th state.

How did Vermont get a state?

Vermont gained state status after the dissolving of the Vermont Republic in 1791.

What is vermont the capital of?

Vermont is a U.S, state. Montpelier is the capital city in the U.S. state of Vermont.

Does Vermont have a state dog?

Vermont has no Official State Dog.

What is the state soil of Vermont?

The state soil of Vermont is Tunbridge

What type of homes did Vermont have when it was founded?


What is the Vermont state animal?

The Vermont state animal is the Morgan Horse.

Is Vermont a dairy state?

Yes, Vermont is the third dairy state.

Which state is west of Vermont?

New York is the state west of Vermont.

What is the Vermont state fruit?

Apple is the official state fruit for Vermont.