The Battle of Hastings

How was harold godwinson related to edward the confessor?


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King Edward the Confessor and Harold Godwinson were related by marriage. Harold Godwinson was married to Edwards sister and was the Earl of Wessex.

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yes Harald Godwinson was related to Edward the confessor they were cousians

harold godwinson was promised the throne by edward the confessor on his deathbed

Harold II (aka Harold Godwinson)

Edward the confessor and Harold Godwinson

The Anglo-Saxon king after Edward the Confessor was Harold Godwinson. Harold Godwinson ruled from January to October 1066 when he was killed in the Battle of Hastings.

Harold Godwinson's sister was called Edith who was married to Edward the confessor.

Edward the Confessor and Harold Godwidson were in fact related. Harold Godwidson's claim to the throne was that he was Edward the Confessors cousin.

he isn't exacly related to Edward the confessor and he isnt fully english

The immediate successor to Edward the Confessor was Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex, who became King Harold I. More details on the related question below.

Harold GodwinsonEnglishGood SoldierWas promised the throne by Edward the Confessor on his deathbedIn England at the time of Edward's deathWealthyGood age to be King (not too old and not too young) he was in his 30's at the timeRelated to Edward the Confessor by marriage

Harold Godwinson's sister Edith was Edward's wife.

First was Edward the Confessor and after he died it was Harold Godwinson and then William the Conqueror.

He became king by Edward the confessor heading over the throne!

Well not exactly Edward the confessor apparently claimed Edward had said Harold was crown on Edwards day of death.

Edward the Confessor married the sister of Harold, so they were brothers-in-law!

The answer to this question is:William duke of Normandy (soon to be King William the Conquerer)King Edward the ConfessorHarold GodwinsonKing Edward the Confessor

he came to claim what he was promised by edward the confessor and also Harold godwinson

he was crowned in the 6th of January 1066 the day Edward the confessor died

Edward "The Confessor", Harold Godwinson and William Duke of Normandy.

harold godwinson/ william of normandy/ harald hardrada

Yes. Godwin was a powerful baron, whodied just before Edward the Confessor (who was childless). So Harold succeeded Edward. Harold I was Harold Harefoot, son of Canute.

Edward the Confessor, then Harold Godwinson. Edward the Ætheling was proclaimed king, but never crowned.

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