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How was irrigation used along the Nile?

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What did irrigation do in Egypt?

Water taken from the River Nile is used to irrigate crops grown along the Nile valley.

What do irrigation ditches in Egypt bring?

The Egyptian irrigation ditches brought water from the River Nile to water food crops growing along the Nile Valley.

How did the eygptions use the nile?

They used the Nile River for irrigation and transportation.

What is a sentence using the term irrigation system?

An irrigation system allows the watering of food crops along the River Nile.

How was the Nile river used?

The Nile River was used in irrigation channels, stored for droughts, and was used as drinking water for people and animals.

Why was irrigation important for people who lived along the Nile River?

Without it they could not grow crops.

Is the Nile River used for agriculture purposes?

Yes, it is greatly used for irrigation.

Two reason's Egyptians used the Nile River for?

Transport and irrigation.

Is irrigation needed in the Nile river?

It provides irrigation.

What is perennial method of irrigation in the Nile valley?

the perennial method of irrigation is the denmark method.although there are other methods but this is the best used.

What ways is the Nile river being used?

Today the Nile River is used for fishing, transportation, hydroelectricity, agricultural irrigation, and drinking water.

Was the Nile River used for food?

Yes, fish and also irrigation for crops.

What are the advantages of the Nile River?

There are countless advantages of the River Nile. Though the Nile is not used as much as it was in ancient times the Aswan Dam provides irrigation and hydro electrictiy. In ancient times the Nile was used for washing clothes, transportation, irrigation, farming and the reeds that grew near the river banks, called papyrus, were used as paper for writing on.

How was the river Nile important to the Ancient Egyptians in trade?

They used it for transportation, shipping and irrigation.

What technology did the egyptians use to move water fromthe nile to their crops?

they used irrigation

What did the Nile provide Ancient Egypt?

soil, and irrigation for farming. :) They also used it for transportation

When did the irrigation start?

Irrigation really started in Ancient Egypt when the pharaohs used ditches to move water from the Nile River to the crop fields.

Why did the people of Egypt depend on the nile?

The people of Egypt used The Nile River for many different reasons.Irrigation for cropsWashingHunting (Fish)TransportationWater/HydrationFertile SoilAlso, reeds called papyrus grew along the banks of the Nile. Egyptians used the papyrus for building boats and using it as paper.

What innovations did egyptians apply to the gifts that the nile provided?

They were able to grow crops and used irrigation

What is the water in the river Nile used for?

Irrigation, drinking, transport, hydro-electricity, fishing, tourism etc.

How is was Nile used for?

Drinking water, transport, hydro-electric, fishing, waste disposal, irrigation etc.

What type of irrigation should be done on the hills?

Furrow irrigation should be used on slopes. Furrow irrigation creates parallel channels along the length of the slope.

What was benefits of the Nile flooding?

* The Nile gave water to drink. * The Nile gave water to crops through irrigation.

What are the 3 uses of the Nile?

Fishing, transport, irrigation.

How did the egyptians control the Nile River?

Egyptians managed to control the flooding of the Nile River for their own benefit. They would dig irrigation systems from the Nile to their farmland. When the Nile overflowed, the water would fill the irrigation ditches and water the crops. Thus, the Egyptians managed to tame the Nile.

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