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How was propaganda used during World War One?

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Three ways:

1. Make young men go to war (posters talking of 'glory' and 'honor')

2. Advice people on how to survive during the war (grow your own vegetables, don't talk to strangers)

3. Turn people against the enemy (posters saying how bad and evil the enemy is, so people don't realise that the 'enemy' is just them but in Another Country)

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What was one way that propaganda was used during World War 1?

Propaganda was used in the first world war to get new soldiers. it was also used to tell people that everything was fine when it obviously was not.

When was it used propaganda?

World War 2 was one occasion, Hitler has a minister in charge of it

Why was propaganda being used during world war one?

propaganda is used in all wars, its purpose is to create doubt on the other side followed by confussion To keep the spirits up on both the warfront and the homefront to demoralise the enemy evil yellow leprechaun-- (jackjohnson8844)

What was one result of American propaganda during world war Iy?

Were all Germans persuaded by Nazi propaganda during World War 2?

No, of course not. One wouldn't, for example, expect people on the Left to have taken Nazi propaganda at face value.

What is the difference between propaganda for advertising and propaganda used for political leveraging?

Propaganda for advertising is used to get people to buy a product. Propaganda for political leverage is used to 'mudsling' to get people to see one side of something and not another.

Who was one of the best known symbols of government propaganda to attract women workers during World War 2?

Rosie the riveter

What was one result of American propaganda during world war war?

americans developed a more negative view of the germans-apex

How does newspapers effect the world?

One word. Propaganda

Why is the work of the committee on public information during world war considered propaganda?

I tried to convince people of one side of the story by appealing to emotion-apex

Why is the work of the Committee on Public Information during World War 1 considered propaganda?

It tried to convince people of one side of a story by appealing to emotions.

Did Germany use propaganda during World War 1?

Yes. In fact, nearly all countries involved did. It was widely used in comics or newspaper in Germany, like one where a big German man was bullying an Englishman in a comic.

Why government often use propaganda during wartime?

it gave people the wrong idea about what was really going on eg ...they used it to tell the Germans the Jews were going to a Nice holiday camp just for Jew with cafes and shops (world war one )in world war one England used it to show the Germany were evil and wanted to take the world and that they had broken the treaty of London 1839.

How did Japan spread information during World War Two?

If the question is referring to propaganda, "Tokyo Rose", a radio broadcaster was one such source. Germany had, "Axis Sally".

What was one result of America propaganda during world war 1?

I think if anything Hollywood has shown that it is a house of innovation and not necessarily a propaganda machine. I think films have proven to be a forum of entertainment and thought. They general underline the goodness of humanity, not its worst. While some films may contain propaganda it is far from its worst.

World war one propaganda?

You don't say exactly what your question is but propaganda was used to encourage people to join the war front in the form of posters, radio ads and more. British propaganda also claimed the Germans were evil and must be beaten. Other propaganda tried to guilt men into helping. Hope this helped :) Eleanor and Divya (age 13) xxx

Were both Nitrogen Mustards and Sulfur Mustards used during World War 1?

No the nitrogen mustards were stockpiled during world war one but, they were never used.

What was propaganda in the world wars?

is something to make some one believe like commercials

What are examples of propaganda in the Declaration of Independence?

Propaganda techniques are used when someone is trying to persuade someone into their point of view. One of the most recognized types of propaganda used in the Declaration of Independence is "name calling". The writers of the Declaration referred to the King as a "tyrant" in this respect.

Who first used mustard gas in world war 1?

The Germans used mustard gas during world war one.

What was one military invention used during World War 1?


How was propaganda used during the Vietnam War?

Chu Hoi leaflets were dropped by airplanes. When an enemy soldier picked one up, it became a free pass to surrender to allied forces.

Why was the propaganda of world war 2 created?

Propaganda might best be described as political lying, politicians saying things which we do not agree with. In one way or another it is something politicians have always done. No politician is going to tell you what he has said is propaganda.

Why did Adolf Hitler use propaganda?

Hitler used propaganda because it is one of the best ways of controlling gullible people. Most leaders use propaganda as an effective tool to manipulate their sycophants into the practice of blind loyalty. Many people of the world today continue to follow their political, religious, cultural and ethnic leaders with blind faith and adoration.

What was propaganda in World War 2?

Propaganda was used as a military weapon and used to make people think, that the war is turning out good for that country. f.eks. before attacking a place you could yell in big speakers, that if you surrender we will let you live and that they were slightly outnumbered, so it would be a good idea to surrender. Under world war 2 the propaganda was a big factor, and it made many thousands of soldiers surrender. It was also necessary to have a good propaganda minister, who was good at expressing themselves. Germany's minister Joseph Goebbels was one of the best. In Russia, there is a poster of a Russian lady working saying "Do it for your Russian sister (or something along those lines)". Also the most popular work propaganda was Rosie the Riveter in her posters saying "We can do it!".Propaganda encouraged forces to do something, whether its fighting one another or simply working.