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How was the Civil War affected by geography?

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The South was mostly a suburban region so the West was able to stop goods from coming from and reaching the South's ports which made the South struggle economically. they all died

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What was the geography of the north before the civil war?

The same as after

How did the geography affect the American Civil War?

it didnt

Which group was most affected by the passage of the Civil War amendments?

The Northern states were most affected by the passage of the Civil War amendments. The Civil War amendments were the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

How was Texas affected by communication issues during the civil war?

how was texas affected by communication issues or developments during the civil war

What examples of how cultural geography may have affected the great migration in the United states?

african american communities growing post civil war racial discrimination in the south

How were the people affected by the war of Gettysburg?

Gettysburg was not a war. It was a battle in the Civil War. The Civil War tore the nation in two.

How has the civil war affected the lives of the Sudanese?

The Civil war affected Sudan by burning there villages raping and killing the women and putting them in deep poverty and unprotected.

How is weather affected by location and geography?

How is weather affected by location and geography?

How were ordinary people affected by the civil war?

they wernt

How was the south affected by the civil war?

they were really mad

Which amendment was affected most by the civil war?


Who was affected by the Somali Civil War?


How might Georgia be affected by the Civil War during the 1950s?

im not sure but during the 1950's Georgia might have been affected by racism in the civil war

How did the US Civil War affect Texas government after the civil war?

the Texas gov. was not affected (remember the alamos)

How were free African American affected by the civil war?

Free African-American were affected by the Civil War because they had to see if their people will be free and they had to go in the war or support it because then they won't be free anymore.

How did geography affect the Russian civil war?

someone answer this question please, asap

How were african americans affected by the civil war?

they got to be free

The civil war affected the northern economy by?

stimulating industrialization

How cold harbor affected the outcome of civil war?

i have no clue.

How the civil war affected soldiers?

it did not affect any solders

What states were affected in the civil war?

America England France

How were peoples rights affected after the civil war?

they got raped

How are modern cities affected by their climate and geography?

They are affected by the climate because they have to monsoon seasons. They are also affected by the geography because