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How was the Holocaust resolved?

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The Holocaust wasn't a problem that needed 'resolving'. The Holocaust ended as the Allied forces advanced and liberated the camps. For example, Soviet forces entered Auschwitz on 27 January 1945, which is widely kept as Holocaust Memorial Day. It sounds almost incredible, but in Kielce in Poland there were anti-Jewish riots in July 1946, which resulted in about deaths.

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What was being done to resolve the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was genocide. It an attempt to kill all Jews. It was not some dispute that could have been 'resolved'.

How was holocaust resolved in Germany?

The allies invaded Germany and put an end to the third Reich.

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Photos of the holocaust?

There are many photos of the Holocaust. You can google Holocaust and click on "images" to find pictures of the Holocaust.

What was Hitler's view on the Holocaust?

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When were Holocaust victims saved?

Generally they would have been saved during the Holocaust, assuming that you are asking when Holocaust victims were saved from the Holocaust.

Why is the Holocaust recalled with such horror?

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Why is the Holocaust in capitals?

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Why did the holocaust die in the holocaust?

That's a lie, I just did a research paper on it. 6 million people died in the Holocaust.

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