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The Civil War helped Women's Suffrage by enacting a drive in Kansas from 1866 through 1867, This initial drive failed to gain more rights for women. Then, a year later in 1868, in Boston, a larger, and more successful rally took place to gain some women's rights such as the right to work outside of the home and the right to vote.

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The women on both sides of the war engaged in treating wounded men who were unknown to them, which was not considered to be within their respectable limitations.

With the men away at war , the women in the South had to engage in managing farms and plantations. And, much like their Rosie the Riveter descendants, they worked in factories and munitions plants. Some of these factory workers were sent north by Sherman never to be heard from again and presumably used as domestics or worse.

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Q: How was the woman's rights movement and suffrage were given a boost by the Civil War?
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