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Andreas Marggraf (1709-1782) A German scientist isolated Zinc from its minerals. He published his findings in "On the method of extracting zinc from its true mineral, calamine" in (1746). Read more about this and its history on the related link below.

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Q: How was zinc discovered?
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Who is zinc discovered by?

Zinc was discovered by Andreas Marggraf in 1746

Who was zinc discovered by?

the guy who discovered zinc was named Andreas Marggraf

When was the element zinc discovered?

Zinc was discovered in Germany around 1500.

Who discovered zinc?

Zinc was discovered by Andreas Marggraf in the year 1764

When was zinc discovered?

Zinc was discovered by the German Scientist Andreas Marggraf in 1746.

When was the zinc discovered?


Where was zinc discovered in?


Who discovered the mineral zinc?

Andres Marggraf discoved zinc in 1947

Who is the discoverer of zinc?

Andreas Marggraf discovered the element Zinc in 1746.

What date was zinc discovered?

Zinc has been known and used since prehistoric times. Artifacts that are mostly zinc dating back to about 2500 BC have been discovered.

Who was the discoverer of zinc and when and where did he find it?

The discoverer of Zinc was a man named Andreas Margraff. He lived in Germany, which is also where he discovered the element. He discovered this in 1746.

Where was zinc discovered?

In Germany by Andreas Margraf.

Andreas Marggraf discovered Zinc in what year?


How zinc was discovered?

Like all elements. By accident.

How and where was zinc discovered?

Zinc was found by mistake. It's the German word for zink. And it was found in Greece.Andreas Sigismund Marggraf rediscovered Zinc in India in 1746.

What 2 elements were discovered using a battery?

Sliver and zinc

How was cadmium discovered?

Cadmium was discovered when friedrich Stromeyer(1776-1835) was examinig zinc another Element

When did zinc discovered?

Zinc was discovered as a separate element in 1746 by Andreas Sigismund Marggraf, a German chemist who isolated the pure metal by heating the zinc ore called calamine after mixing it with charcoal. The charcoal separated the metallic zinc from the sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms in calamine (Zn4Si2O7(OH)2·H2O).

How did Andreas Marggraf discover zinc?

he discovered it in Asia in joemama vag

When and Where zinc got discovered?

German chemist Andreas Sigismund Marggraf is normally given credit for discovering pure metallic zinc in 1746

Suggest the names of two elements that were discovered using the battery?

Sliver + Zinc.

What elements were discovered in prehistoric times?

carbon, sulfer,iron, copper, and zinc

What elements that was discovered before 1600?

zinc was one of the elements found in 1526

Why is zinc called zinc?

because this guy called Jeffrey Von Spaty the second discovered it and named it after his son whos nickname was fluff ;)

What was Andreas marggraf doing when he discovered zinc?

he was looking fore hes daed wife