How wealthy was Hitler?

He was without almost any wealth. He grew up in Osterreich with his parents Klara and father Alois, who was formerly a clerck at the customs. After his 'cu de ta' at Odeonsplatz 1923 he served a 5 year inprisonment at the Landsberg prison (which he only served for about 1 year), Between 1925 and 1928 Hitler was lagging with his taxes. At one instance Hitler even claimed that he had been living on eating apples for one whole year! (tyroler-apples). After that, he got some revenue from his book 'Mein Kampf', many bought it, but few ever read it. That sales went higher after the elections 1930 and 1932, when Hitler had gained his position as a leader. When that happened, his income was secured.