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all depends, usually the higher you are in your class ranking in high school, the lower your sat has to be to be accepted and vice verse. for ivy leagues though, you should look at something close to 1000-1200.

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Q: How well do you have to do on the SATs in order to get into an Ivy League university?
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Do you have to pass the SATs to go to college?

In order to be considered for a good college or university, you either have to do well on either the SATs or the ACTs.If you don't pass, you can take courses at a local community college to complete an Associate's Degree and often transfer into a better college without having SAT of ACT scores.

Did Katy Perry do well on her SATs?

Katy Perry took the GED for high school and then dropped out of school, so she never had a chance to take her SATs.

At what age do you take sats?

You usually take 2 sets of SATs in your life: one in Year two when you are 6 or 7, and one in Year 6 when you are 10 or 11. Some schools do 'practise' SATs inbetween, and schools used to do SATs in Year Nine as well

How hard are sats?

Well it depends on how well you know the subject. If you are doing it soon then good luck :)

Do I have a good change of getting into Cornell University with a 98 weighted GPA a 2180 on the SATs well over 150 hours of volunteering 9 AP classes 3 honors and a 93.0132 unweighted GPA?


Are year 6 going to have SATs this year 2010?

Well I am going into year 6 and I have seen on the news that not many school's are having SATS this year. But I don't know what schools that is of course, I don't know if I am having SATS, I don't think I am, WHOOP, are you going into year 6?

Where can you find ks2 sats papers answers?

well.... for my kids i get them off its good

When are year 6 sats in 2009?

== == === === I'm a year 6 pupil. The SATs take place at the 11th-15th of May. My name is Rosie and I really hope that I do well. I have SATs homework to do and I have done all of it. When you arrive in Year 6-What is the Mass of an apple?-150 grams I have done it all. Thanks And I hope that you do well. im in yr 6 it is are last test today gess what it is.........MATHS arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Are SATS any use?

Well, it's quite suprising that 70% of teachers are very against SATS, and so are many of pupils that take them. The Gouverment's excuse is that it is to level you as a pupil, and to take that information up with them to Secondary school.

What is the point in sats?

Well basically the SATs are used to show colleges what you know and what you can do. Because school grades can be different from school to school. For example a (B) in one school can equal a (D) in another school, but the SAT scores are all equivalent.

Which university is good ICFAI or Sikkim Manipal University?

WELL ICFAI is a well known university for its managament prog. Well SMU university is better known for its technical prog.

Does being bilingual greatly increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League University?

Being bilingual does not greatly increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League University. Good grades, who you know, your SAT scores and community involvement will come first. Being bilingual shows that you are a well rounded person.

How many marks do you need to get a 5A in sats?

Well you need to get all of the Questions right but how to do that is to work hard and try your best OK.

What is the highest you can score on the SATs?

well in school the teachers say the highest is a 2400 you dig well in school the teachers say the highest is a 2400 you dig well in school the teachers say the highest is a 2400 you dig

What is a public ivy?

A public Ivy is a public university who advertises itself as an affordable school that can provide an Ivy league caliber education. However, Harvard is Harvard and University of State is well, a University of State. Not that public schools are bad, they are mediocre at best.

Can you get into Harvard if you get a 2300 on the SAT?

No guarantee! Ivy League Universities such as Harvard not only looks at your SAT scores but also your GPA since freshmen year of your high school as well as your activities--if your activities were diverse. But it is true that SATs and SAT Subject Tests support your resume strongly.

What is a good sentence for determined?

The determined girl completed her SATS with a feeling she did well. The determined man shouted from the top of Mt. Everest.

What are the best and topmost colleges and universities of technology in Canada?

Some of the most well-known names are: (in no particular order) McGill University University of Toronto Waterloo University University of British Columbia University of Alberta Queen's University and McMaster University.

What is University of Phoenix most well known for?

I dont really know what University of Phoenix is most well known for?

Is Princeton the most famous university in the US?

No one university can be described as the most famous in the US, but Princeton is among the most well known. Other well known universities include Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, Duke University and, no doubt, others.

When does sats take place?

The sat exams for high school students have different dates. They are usually administered in March, May, and there is usually one offered in June as well.

How many marks do you need for a level 5 in Sats?

About 35-50 for readiing Sats Papers For Maths (All together) You Need About 75-100 Maiinly 80-100 So ii Would Reviise Well For That For Writing Out Of Fifiy 35-50 (Includiing Spelling, Longer and Shorter)

Howard University is well known as?

a black university in Washington, D.C

Can you transfer credits from Apollo College to the University of Phoenix?

In order for credits to transfer to the University of Phoenix and any of the traditional regionally accredited institutions, the school would have to have a regional accreditation as well, otherwise they typically will not be accepted.

How do you get a level 5 in your SATs test?

well you can go on the Related Link below which gives you past SATS papers, SATS are coming up very soon so it's important that you use the website everyday. Your child needs to make sure that they have good spelling, mental maths skills, superb handwriting because all of these follow up in the final score in the English test 39+ is a level 5 but it changes all the time if the tests get harder or easier.