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What is the average SAT score of an Ivy League varsity athlete?

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What is Average ivy league IQ score?


Average gre score for ivy league?

roughly 1350

What is the average ACT score for an ivy league school?

Depends on your race.

What is the average losing score in major league baseball?


What is the average act score of ivy league students?

Most Ivy League Schools Require at least a 30 the average is probable 32-35

What is upper 50 percent average sat score of Ivy league?


What is the average ACT score necessary to get into Ivy League colleges?

The score necessary differs from IVY League Colleges.Some of them require a less school.It would be best to talk to a consular at the school.

What is an average score for a women bowler?

Open bowling 120, league bowling 140.

How many points did Pete Maravich score in his ncaa career?

3,667 in three varsity seasons at LSU. Freshmen weren't eligible for varsity play back then.

What is the average score for NCAA game?

Average winning score 76 Average losin score 68

What is the average score in a major league baseball game?

I am a bloke but, I recall hearing somewhere that is was 5 to 3. But I have no more authority than that. ---- In the 2007 season, the average runs scored by a National League team was 471.78 and an American League team was 122.87. In 2006, the NL average was 4.76 and the AL average was 4.97.

What is the average GMAT score of Ivy League Schools?

Typically, GMAT score for Ivy League Schools should be above 700. In those schools, almost every student have the score of over 700, unless you have significant performance in other area (work experience, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose...). Harvard has the average GMAT 719, middle 80% range GMAT score from 670 to 760. U Penn has the median GMAT score of 720, middle 80% range from 680 to 760. Other Ivy League schools are just about the same.

What is the average IQ score?

The average IQ score is 100.

What is the lowest score for a game in a sanctioned 5-man bowling league?

The possible score will depend on the average setup of the league, i.e 80%of 200, 90% of 200, 80% of 2xx?, etc. From there it will be 5 time the handicap if all team members have max handicap and have a very low average. You do the maths.

What is the average golf score in US?

The average score in the US is 104.

What is the average score of a cricket match?

The average score in cricket is 70.0.

What is a average credit score?

An average score is between 640-679.

What is a good score for an IQ test?

The average score on an IQ test is about 100. If you score higher than that, your score will be above average.

How many runs does the winning team score in an average baseball game. How many runs does the losing team score?

From the statistics for Major League Baseball at for 2009, the average score for the winning team was 6.37 runs, while the average score for the losing team was 2.85. Overall, teams scored an average of 4.61 runs per game. The source of data for this answer is the file at this URL:

What is the minimum GPA requirements for WOU?

Average GPA Score as listed in Hotcoursesusa for Western Oregon University is: GPA score: 2.75 Average SAT math score: 470 Average SAT writing score: 470 Average ACT score: 21

What ACT score is required to get into Georgetown University?

The average ACT score is a 31.8 The average ACT score is a 31.8

You took three tests the score was 75 82 an 83 what is your average score?

Your average score would be 80.

What does a 105 gt score mean?

A score of 105 is slightly below average - the average score being 110.

What does that mean when an athlete is said to be a smart player?

It means that the athlete makes good decisions in his sport. For instance, knowing the right time to pass and when to score.

If you have an IQ of 102 how smart are you?

Average IQ score is 100.Your score is 'average'.

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