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How were perishable goods stored on early sailing vessels?

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Dried, pickled or salted.

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Sailing ships of the early 1800s how many tons did a typical sailing ship weigh?

90 tons

Early sailing ships?

Canoes with outriggers and sails in the Polynesias.

What was the named for the streamlined sailing ships that took over the high speed ocean trade of the early to mid eighteen hundreds?

These were called the "clipper ships", and were predominantly British and American ships. They were narrower than previous vessels, and among the fastest sailing ships ever built. They were only eclipsed by the development of practical steam power.

What were the crew ranks on a sailing ship?

Captain: Lieutenant: Master: Gunner: Carpenter: Mates: Quartermaster: this is for the early sailing ships 1600+

What were the dangers of sailing in the early 1400's?

not havijg food

Where was the data stored on early computers?

Data on early computers were stored on magnetic tapes and/or cartoon cards and/or removable hard disk drives.

What was the best way for people in the early 1800 to travel a long distance?

By sailing ship.

What is fossilized balangay?

a fossilized balangay is a preserved long sailing vessel in early seventies .

What should a motor boat operator do when approaching a sailing vessel head on?

When approaching a sailing vessel head on, it is up to the motorboat to yield. The motorboat operator should swing wide as early as possible to stay well clear of the sailing vessel.

When is the speed of blood slowest in blood vessels?

during early morning sleep.

How was the early sailing ships during the colonial time of US?

Quite sturdy & efficient, but not built for comfort...

How long does it take for a ship to go from England to America in the 1700?

From the early ships like "Mayflower" to the majestic sailing ships everyone had to endure 5 to 6 weeks on-board a sailing ship.

Which is denser early wood or late wood why is that so?

Late wood is more dense compared to early wood. The cambium activity is lower, as there is less need of vessels which only produce narrow pitted vessels, tracheids and wood fibers.

Who is the ship captain on early Poptropica?

When you have returned all three items on Early Poptropica, a sailing ship will dock at the pier. Go aboard and receive your Island Medallion.

What was most challenging for early Greeks in the coastal region of Greece?

Sailing was dangerous, especially in winter, when the winds were strong ..

How did early maori get to new zealand?

In sea going vessels, with sails and paddles for propulsion. Polynesians had some superb navigators, as recent expeditions have confirmed. Probably in smallish whanau groups. Try We The Navigators by Lewis, for a modern account of the sailing methods, unaided by instruments. or The Last Navigator by Thomas for another account.

What was Amerigo Vespucci's childhood like?

Florence, Italy was an exciting place to liveGood FamilyStarted sailing early

What is A two masted warship?

A sailing vessel with fore and aft masts. Used commonly by the Romans in the early common era.

Why the early explorer used trade winds?

Because the trades winds were the only way they could use their sailing ships.

On what continent is the cape of good hope?

It is near the southern tip of Africa, and the storms there made it a difficult place for early sailing ships.

Who was the Newfoundland's first settlements?

The first settlement in Newfoundland by Europeans was established early in the 11th century by Leif Eriksson, sailing out of Iceland.

When Thomas Elkins die?

There is no date for when Thomas Elkins died but it was most likely in the early 1900's. He designed a device that helped with the task of preserving perishable foods by way of refrigeration.

Where do you get the island medallion for early Poptropica?

After you have returned all three missing items to Early Poptropica village, a sailing ship will dock at the far right of the island. The captain will give you the Island Medallion.

Why did the sailors believe the voyage was a fearsome one?

Because of all the dangers of sailing: scurvy, 'sea monsters' , storms, getting lost at sea and the early people- sailing off the face of the earth. These were all dangers they thought they would face on these voyages.

What is the bathroom on a submarine called?

Like all Naval vessels, the term used for a Submarine's bathroom is a "Head".The term "Head", in reference to a ship's toilet, was used at least as far back as 1708 on sailing vessels. It referred to the location of the ship's toilet, then located at the bow, or head, of the ship, under the bowsprit. It was located there as it was naturally washed by the ocean spray coming over the bow. The nautical term head, referring to the front or bow of a vessel, dates back to the early 1400's.

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