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I am not sure classical republicanism is the best phrase to use to describe the Founders' views on government. The Founders' had a variety of different influences most of which come from modernism/classical liberalism, Christianity, deism, Greek philosophy, etc. The majority of the Founders' believed in natural law either because of their deist, Christian or Lockean influences. This is very obvious when you read the style of writing in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. It is written using very normative language, implying that law and the way things ought be run is not just whatever the government decides, but is instead restrained by what is right. They explicitly state that governments (such as England's) can do unjust things, which one can infer that what is just isn't merely what is law, but instead that government must follow some natural form of justice in order for it's laws to be moral.

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Q: How were the Founders' views about government influenced both by classical republicanism and the natural rights philosophy?
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What should be the major purpose of government according to classical republicanism?

According to the view of classical republicanism, the primary purpose of government is to promote the common good. Classical republicanism dates back to the Renaissance.

Is classical republican philosophy relevant today?

One of the main features of classical republican philosophy is a focus on civic virtue, which is as relevant today as it ever has been. The roots of classical republicanism can be traced back to the Renaissance.

How did classical republicanism influence American constitutional democracy?

Classical republicanism works for the greater good, the American government is set up with voting and representatives to help a majority of people rather than a select few.

Was the Mayflower Compact a classical republicanism?


Why is the United States more of a Classical Republicanism today?

More of a classical republicanism than what? In what sense? Compared to what? Michael Montagne

What is the relationship of the right of trial by jury to the principle of limited government?

you guys are cheaters but the natural rights philosophy in fact does not protect trial by jury. The natural rights philosophy is a very individualized theory, and by introducing a trial by jury you are establishing a less limited government and actually moving back towards classical republicanism.

What is an example of classical republicanism today?

You can rum for public office.

Why are small uniform communities a good characteristic of classical republicanism?

The small uniform communities are a good characteristics of the classical republicanism because they are reflection of the society. They are the people who make up the republic.

How does the differences between classical republicanism and the natural rights affect the thinking about the purposes and goals of the government?

they affectoccurs where the line is drawn and you leap from classical Republicanism to natural rights. the government must provide great prosper for the individuals rights with out making the community suffer the same goes for the effect of the community on the individual.Go Thornton High school!! home of theTrojan's...

How were the Founding fathers' view about government influenced both by classical republicanism and the natural rights philosophers?

All information below is taken from my recently published book - The Never Realized Republic: Political Economy and Republican Virtue, (Charleston, NC: Booksurge Publishing, 2005),

What is classical republicanism and what are its characteristics?

Classical Republicanism is an early theory of democracy that holds that the best kind of government is one that promotes the "common good" and the welfare of an entire society. Its characteristics include civic virtue, moral education, and small, uniform communities. The earliest examples can be found in the governments of ancient Greece and Rome.

Which comment most accurately describes an idea of classical republicanism?

The maintenance of republican.

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