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Through tightly packed cattle cars, with one small window (packed in like sardines)
The most common means of transportation for Jewish and many other prisoners in WW2 was by rail. The Jews were transported in enclosed boxcar by train, and it was dark and packed full. They were not fed at all during the journey and there were no lavatory facitilies. Many died due to starvation, thirst and weather conditions.

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How were the people in the holocaust transproted the death camps?

Most were transported by cattle trucks and trains.

What were Holocaust concentration?

There were concentration camps in the Holocaust. The concentration camps were basically work/death camps.

How many people died in death camps during the Holocaust?

About 6 million Jews died in the death camps during the Holocaust. The purpose of the death camps were to do a mass extermination of the Jews.

How many people were killed in death camps during the Holocaust?


What is exermination camps of the holocaust?

Pretty simple. Extermination camps is really another term for death camps. It is where people meet their death by being asphyxiated with gas.

What was the Holocaust was?

The Holocaust was the systematic mass murder of Jews and other 'inferiors' during World War II. Jews were rounded up, transported to camps, and worked to death or killed.

What forms of transportation were used during the Holocaust?

Mainly rail transport. They were transported to the death camps in enclosed cattle wagons or "box cars"

How were people transported in the holocaust?

They were transported by train or sent on death marches. The train cars would be packed as tightly as possible with the Jewish people.

Who ran the death camps in the holocaust?

The camps were run by the SS.

What are the death camps in the Holocaust?

the death camps during the Holocaust were actually called concentration camps, its purpose was to prison all the minorities that the Nazis were trying to get rid of, such as the Jews.

What happened in death camps during the holocaust?

People suffered and died.

Where were they killed in the Holocaust?

Usually people were killed in concentration camps or death camps. In these camps, people were worked to death, put in gas chambers, or were shot. Often people caught diseases and died, or they starved to death because they were barely given any food.

Describe how the Jews were transported to the death camps?


What does blokova mean?

A prisoner in charge at the camps (concentration camps, death camps, forced labor camps) during the Holocaust. These people were typically non-Jewish (Jews were treated the worst in the camps).

Why did people get sent to camps during the Holocaust?

Jews were sent to concentration camps during the holocaust to be killed by a gas room, being shot, or worked to death. The Jews had to wear the yellow star on their close. The Jews were creamated after death.

Holocaust- What went on in death camps?

Historians don't generally use the term death camp. There were concentration camps of varying degrees of harshness and extermination camps. Please see the related question.

Why did the Nazis locate death camps near railroad lines?

Death camps and railroadsThe camps were located close to rail lines as the victims were transported to the camps by rail's. where where they

What is the name of the biggest death camp during the holocaust?

The largest of the death camps during the holocaust was Auschwitz, in Poland.

What area would the Jewish sleep during the Holocaust?

concentration camps or death camps

What were the death trains in the Holocaust?

These were the trains that transported prisoners to the concentration camps in Europe during WW2. they were severely overcrowded freight cars and many died as a result of the trip to the camps in them. It is hard to believe that after the documentation available on these conditions people are still being treated this way today.

What is the proper name for death camps?

The term death camps (in the Holocaust) refers mainly to extermination camps. Sometimes the very harshest concentration camps (Grade 3, such as Mauthausen) are also called death camps.

What occurred after the liberation of the death camps when people found out about the Holocaust?

Support for an independent Jewish homeland increased.

Did people in concentration camps kill other people during the holocaust?

no but the German people killed all the Jews there or worked them to death

How and why did Hitler kill people?

Hitler put people in concentration camps and beat them to death yet some people say there was no holocaust

When during the Holocaust was the death march?

they, the death marches, were at the end (of the Holocaust and of the War), when camps were closing, the guards evacuated with the prisoners.

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