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They rejected everything in the Church of England's practices that in their view too much reflected its Catholic roots, and they were leaning to a much more 'Calvinist" form of Protestantism.

In their services they therefore didn't use the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, did not use any priestly vestments, nor did they kneel during service or make the sign of the cross as the Anglicans then still did.

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Q: How were the puritan congregations different from the church of England?
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What is a puritan conformist?

A Puritan who stayed in the Church of England.

Did Oliver Cromwell want the Church of England to be more Catholic or more Puritan?


Was John Wesley a Puritan?

John Wesley was not a puritan. When he was growing up and as he started his ministry he was a part of the Church of England. He left the church of England and founded the United Methodist Church.

What religion was Puritan?

The Puritan religion came from England (The Anglican Church) Puritans wanted to purify the Church.

What was the method for members to have partial church membership in the New England Puritan Church?

Half Way Covenant

Why did the Puritan's settle Massachusetts bay?

For Religious reasons, they left England to rebble against the Church of England.

What religion did the new England colonies have?

Most were Puritan (people who wanted to purify their religious thoughts) But some were Catholic.

As a result of their Puritan beliefs what was the center of life for colonist in New England?

The Church

What determined voting rights in puritan new england?

The colonies did not restrict voting to the church higher church members.

What do Quakers and puritan's have in common?

both faced religious prossecution from the church of England and they went to North America to escape the beliefs of the church of England.

What was the center of life for colonists in New England as a result of Puritan beliefs?

local church, for apex

WAs a result of their puritan beliefs what was the center of life for colonists in new England?

local church, for apex